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Computing Generalized Numerical Ranges

Topic description: One may see
for some background of the subject, and see
for some current research topics and research activities.

Roughly speaking, the numerical range is a ``picture'' of a matrix $A$, which encodes a lot of useful information of the matrix. For theoretical development and applications, it is desirable to have computer programs generating the different types of numerical ranges of a matrix. One may see 
for some of these programs.

Research opportunities: To imporve the exisiting programs, and to develop Matlab programs for other generalized numerical ranges. In the process, one may develop new mathematical theory to determine generalized numerical ranges and radii.

Prerequisities: Math 211 Linear Algebra; Programming skills in Matlab.

Students with more advanced mathematics courses such as Math 408 may be able to study some theoretical aspects of the problem.

Contact: Chi-Kwong Li