William & Mary

Pre-College Mathematics Teaching Concentration

If you are interested in secondary mathematics certification, you should contact the School of Education very early in your College career. In addition, you and your mathematics advisor will need to plan your sequence of courses very carefully starting in your sophomore year, to make sure that you will be able to complete the required and recommended courses. This is because the teacher certification program will take all of your time during the spring semester of your senior year, and because some of our courses are offered only in alternate years.

Concentration Requirements

This concentration is restricted to students seeking certification as pre-college mathematics teachers. The major requirements of this concentration are:

  1. A core consisting of Math 111 or 131, 112 or 132, 211, 212 or 213, and 214;
  2. Completing the major writing requirement and computer proficiency requirement;
  3. Math 302, 307, 323, 351, 412, 416 and at least one additional three-credit upper-division mathematics course;
  4. either EDUC 301 or EDUC 310.

The department chair may authorize variations in the requirements for this concentration for individual students. In particular, Math 401-452 may replace Math 351. In addition, Math 495-496 may be substituted for Math 300 or 490.