William & Mary

Options within the Traditional Concentration

The traditional mathematics concentration at William and Mary is designed to provide a broad mathematical background that will keep open a wide variety of career and graduate study options. Students often plan their upper division mathematics courses with post-college goals in mind. However, experience shows that such goals change over time, and we have designed our program in such a way that students can keep career and graduate study options open throughout their undergraduate years. In concrete terms, this means that we encourage students to pursue a mixture of pure and applied mathematics courses throughout their junior and senior years, and to sample all of the major components of our discipline.

Nevertheless, students can focus their studies to some degree. Working with their major advisors, they can construct programs of study to prepare them for careers as industrial or government mathematicians or actuaries, or as primary or secondary teachers. Other programs of study prepare students for graduate work in mathematical sciences-mathematics, statistics, operations research-or for interdisciplinary work in such fields as economics, finance, and the social sciences. To help students make decisions about which parts of mathematics to pursue, we encourage our majors to sample each of the broad sub-fields of mathematics: algebra, analysis, geometry, and application-oriented courses. 

The applied track within the mathematics major provides yet another way for students to focus their mathematics studies.