William & Mary

GER-1 Courses

In order to qualify for GER-1 credit, a course must include:

  1. Numerical calculations, either by hand or using calculators or computers
  2. Theoretical explanations of why the computations work
  3. Applications recognizable by the educated non-mathematician

College mathematics courses always include  requirements (1) and (2), but surveys have revealed that students sometimes have trouble seeing which parts of a mathematics course correspond to the third requirement.The following links will take you to descriptions of the kinds of applications you will encounter in the Mathematics Department GER-1 courses.

  • Math 104 [pdf]- Mathematics of Powered Flight
  • Math 106  [pdf] - Elementary Probablilty and Statistics
  • Math 108 [pdf] - Brief Calculus with Applications
  • Math 111 [pdf] - Calculus I
  • Math 112 [pdf]- Calculus II