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Math Links

The following is a listing of useful mathematics sites:

  • Join the Great Internet Mersenne Prime Search (GIMPS)! They're looking for help finding Mersenne primes (for a definition, see their webpage). If contributing to a good cause just for the fun of it isn't enough, EFF will be paying $50,000 to the first person or group to find a prime with at least one million digits. Currently GIMPS is testing for primes at least that large, and it is just a matter of time before someone finds one. It could be you! (All that is required is the ability to run a program on your computer.)
  • If you've ever needed help coming up with the general formula for a sequence of integers, the On-line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is the place to go! Simply enter the first few terms of your sequence, and it will find all sequences that has those same terms appear consecutively. It will even try to match your sequence to a general sequence form through a number of complicated transformations, so you don't even have to have the terms of your sequence match something in its database exactly!
  • If you have a real number, and you want to express it as a constant, some fraction, or even as a function, check out the Inverse Symbolic Calculator. From their webpage:
    "The ISC is the Inverse Symbolic Calculator, a set of programs and specialized tables of mathematical constants dedicated to the identification of real numbers." 
  • Here are some unofficial answers to the 1997 Putnam Exam
  • Do you want to know the definition of a mathematical term you've never seen before? You can most likely find it at Eric's Treasure Trove of Mathematics.
  • Learn all you want about the History of Mathematics here!
  • Have nothing to do? Then peruse the University of Waterloo's mathNEWS!

     Try your favorite integral on The Integrator!

  •  Math Forum @ Drexel. Check out Ask Dr. Math.

  • If you are interested in doing research in the summer with a faculty member somewhere in the U.S., consider an NSF sponsored Research Experiences for Undergraduates ( REU ) program.  Don't forget that W&M is an REU site.
  • Be sure to check out SIAM's Undergraduate Page (SIAM = Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics).
  • Also, have a look at the Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics.

Other Math organizations are