Aaron Bland (2012)Aaron-trawling.jpg

I graduated from William and Mary in 2012 with a major in Biology and a minor in Marine Science. After graduating, I immediately enrolled in a Master of Marine Science program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. My thesis involves studying offshore Aleutian epibenthic communities and their relationships to the environment and nearshore communities. As part of my lab work, I participated in two month-long research cruises to the Aleutian Islands to conduct benthic trawls and various nearshore dive operations. The courses I took and research I did as an undergraduate at William and Mary helped to prepare me for my master's program and current thesis work. In the future, I hope to continue conducting research in marine biology.




Salyers-s.jpgJordan Salyers (2012)

I graduated from William & Mary in May 2012 with a major in Biology and minor in Marine Science. I am an Aquarium/Marine Biology Professional Intern at The Seas with Nemo and Friends Pavilion at Walt Disney World. As a member of the Aquarium Team, I perform animal husbandry and training daily for many marine organisms such as fish, eels, and elasmobranches. I also interact with guests daily and have opportunities to provide marine science education to the public. To be successful in my internship, it is required that I have thorough knowledge of marine science. Fortunately, I was very well prepared thanks to the graduate and undergraduate level classes that I took to complete the Marine Science minor. Connections that I have made with VIMS and William & Mary professors through the minor and my exploration of marine science will help me to explore many career options from graduate school to becoming an aquarist and I am very excited to pursue a career in marine science.




Erin Kwon (2012)Kwon-s.jpg

As an undergrad at the College, I majored in geology and minored in marine science, was an active member of the W&M Sailing Club and W&M Students for Belize Education, and was a soccer coach for Coaches for Community Partnership. This fall, I will be complementing my science background with business by attending the University of Virginia's McIntire School of Commerce for a Masters in Commerce with a concentration in Marketing & Management.  After the one-year program, I hope to eventually get involved in environmental consulting or work in developing environmentally friendly corporate practices for businesses. I also hope to travel as much as possible before settling down in one place.




Garrison-s.jpgHaley Garrison (2011)

I am currently a Master's student at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science. I graduated from William and Mary in May 2011 with a major in Biology and minor in Marine Science.  My thesis project is a study of the effects of intense turbulence on marine phytoplankton, a topic I became interested in while participating in undergraduate research in Dr. Jon Allen's lab at W&M.  Taking graduate-level classes through the Marine Science minor and assisting VIMS professors and students with their research projects (from coral reef surveys to GIS mapping) gave me invaluable insight into the world of academia.  I'm about to enter my second year at VIMS and am looking forward to continuing the career path I began when I enrolled in the Marine Science minor!




Katelyn Tignor (2011)Tignor-s.jpg

I graduated from William & Mary in January 2011 with a degree in Biology and a minor in Marine Science. I also received a Master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction from William and Mary in May 2012. I am currently a high school Biology teacher for Northumberland County Public Schools. I also work at an oyster hatchery during the summer, where I specialize in oyster aquaculture and algaculture. The education I received through my Biology and Marine Science classes greatly prepared me for my work in the oyster industry. Many of my classes were held at VIMS, which allowed me to make many connections with researchers that I have carried over into this profession. I will be taking my students to visit the hatchery in the fall, hopefully instilling in them a love for the Chesapeake Bay and all things marine!