William and Mary


We recognize the logistical challenges of undergraduate students taking courses at VIMS.  We anticipate experimenting with several approaches over the three-year trial period to determine what works best both logistically and for meeting our educational goals.  These approaches will include having students travelling back and forth to VIMS arranging their own transportation, providing transportation to students travelling back and forth to VIMS to take a block of two Fundamentals of Marine Science courses, SMS/VIMS faculty teaching on the Williamsburg campus, and some experimentation with video-conference instruction.  The Introduction to Marine Science and the Marine Science seminar courses will be taught on the Williamsburg campus.   We expect some trial and error since there is no existing model for a program that transcends two schools that are geographically separated.  We are convinced that none of the challenges are insurmountable and we will make as many options available as possible given the unique opportunities the minor presents to both Arts & Sciences and VIMS.

Fall 2014 Van Schedule

Van service for students traveling between the Williamsburg campus and VIMS will be available on Monday, Thursday and Friday afternoons beginning on Monday Sept. 8 and continuing through Friday, Dec. 5. There will be two trips on Mondays and Thursdays, and three trips on Fridays. Vans will typically arrive 30-35 minutes after they depart.

Departure Times: Mondays & Thursdays:

  • Sadler Center to VIMS: noon
  • VIMS to Sadler Center: 2:30 pm

  • Sadler Ctr to VIMS: 3:30 pm
  • VIMS to Sadler Ctr: 4:30 pm

Departure Times: Fridays

  • Sadler Ctr to VIMS: noon
  • VIMS to Sadler Ctr: 1 pm

  • Sadler Ctr to VIMS: 2 pm
  • VIMS to Sadler Ctr: 3 pm

  • Sadler Ctr to VIMS: 4 pm
  • VIMS to Sadler Ctr: 5 pm