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Requirements for the Minor

Required Credit Hours: 18

See the Undergraduate Catalog for more details.

  1. Two required courses (6 credits)
    1. Introduction to Marine Science (3 credits) MSCI330, BIOL330, GEOL330
    2. Field Studies in Coastal Marine Environments (3 credits) MSCI331, GEOL407, ENSP404, BIOL404
  2. Marine Science Fundamentals courses (6 credits).  The upper-level requirements for the minor in Marine Science include two modules of MSCI401 lecture (2 credits each) + MSCI401R recitation (1 credit each) for a total of 6 credits.  In order to maintain the interdisciplinary focus of the minor in Marine Science, students are required to take one MSCI 401 module (and corresponding recitation section) in the physical disciplines (MSCI 401 A, B or C) and one in the biological disciplines (MSCI 401 D, E or F).   Students must be enrolled in the corresponding recitation section (MSCI401R) concurrently.  
    1. Fundamentals of Marine Science, Physical Oceanography (2 credits) MSCI401A
    2. Fundamentals of Marine Science, Chemical Oceanography (2 credits) MSCI401B
    3. Fundamentals of Marine Geology (2 credits) MSCI401Cor Marine Geology GEOL306 (3 credits)
    4. Fundamentals of Marine Science, Biological Oceanography (2 credits) MSCI401D
    5. Fundamentals of Environmental Chemistry, Toxicology, and Pathobiology (2 credits) MSCI401E
    6. Fundamentals of Marine Fisheries Science (2 credits) MSCI401F
    7. Fundamentals of Marine Science Recitation (1 credit) MSCI401R
  3. Elective courses (6 credits)   Existing courses that can be used to meet this requirement are listed below. Additional courses may be added to the list with approval from the Marine Science Minor Advisory Committee.
    1. Invertebrate Biology (4 credits) BIOL 316
    2. Fundamentals of Ecotoxicology (3 credits) BIOL 404
    3. Wetlands Ecology (4 credits) BIOL 427/BIOL627
    4. Marine Geology (3 credits) GEOL 306 (only one of Marine Geology or Fundamentals of Marine Geology can be used for the marine science minor; the one course selected can count towards the fundamentals of marine science or the elective requirement, but not both)
    5. Paleontology (3 credits) GEOL 423/BIOL 317
    6. Estuaries (3 credits) ENSP 440
    7. Marine Science Seminars (1 credit each, currently taught as GEOL 407 or ENSP 249 courses) – Topics vary from year to year. Seminars can be repeated for credit if the topic is different.
    8. Sustainable Commerce in the Sea (3 credits) BUAD 492/ENSP 440
    9. Coastal Marine Habitats in North Wales (2 credits) MSCI 332
    10. Marine Science Mash Up (1 credit) MSCI 391
    11. Oceans and Climate (2 credits) MSCI 460
    12. Research in Marine Science (1 to 3 credits) MSCI 490
    13. Advanced Marine Invertebrate Zoology, a Field Course (3 credits) MSCI 498
    14. Coastal Botany (2 or 3 credits) MSCI 527