Course Descriptions

LING 220 - Study of Language

Fall and Spring (4) Staff (GER 3)
An introduction to linguistics, the scientific study of human language. Considers languages as structured systems of form and meaning, with attention also to the biological, psychological, cultural and social aspects of language and language use. (Cross listed with ANTH 204)

LING 303 - History of the English Language

Fall or Spring (3) Taylor
A study of the history of the English language from Old English to the present. Some attention is given to contemporary developments in “World English.” *(In 2013-14, LING/ANTH 308 can serve as a substitute for 303/415.)

LING 304 - Generative Syntax

Fall or Spring (3) Reed Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204. (GER 3)
This introduction to generative syntax investigates the structures and operations underlying sentences currently used by speakers of English. The course focuses on one linguistic model, with attention given to linguistic theory, alternative models and issues in syntax and semantics.

LING 307 - Phonetics and Phonology

Fall or Spring (3) Lunden Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204. (GER 3)
A study of sound patterns and word-formation rules in English and other languages. Focus on analysis with some attention to theoretical issues.

LING 308 - Language and Culture

Fall (3) Bragdon, Taylor Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204 or ANTH 202
This course addresses the interrelations between language and culture, surveying the research topics and methods which constitute linguistic anthropology today. *(In 2013-14, LING/ANTH 308 can serve as a substitute for 303/415.) (Cross-listed with ANTH 308)

LING 400 - Meaning and Understanding in Western Cultural Thought

Fall (3) Taylor (GER 4A)
A critical approach to the history of Western thinking about meaning, understanding, language and mind: tracing the integration of these topics into Western cultural and intellectual traditions, from Classical Greece and Rome up to modern developments in 20th-century European and American thought.

LING 404 - Historical Linguistics

Fall (3) Lunden Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204 and ENGL 307. (GER 3)
A study of the kinds of change which languages may undergo. Covers the nature and motivation of linguistic evolution, and the methods by which unattested early stages of known languages may be reconstructed.(Cross listed with ANTH 411)

LING 405 - Descriptive Linguistics

Fall and Spring (4) Staff Prerequisite(s): LING 304 , LING 307 and LING/ANTH 418, or consent of instructor.(GER 3)
A study of contemporary methods of linguistic analysis, with emphasis on data drawn from a wide variety of languages; in-depth analysis of a single language. Language universals, language types and field methods are discussed. (Cross listed with ANTH 412)

LING 406 - Language and Society

Fall or Spring (3) Staff Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204 and either LING 303 or LING/ANTH 415, or consent of instructor. (GER 3)
A study of the place of language in society and of how our understanding of social structure, conflict and change affect our understanding of the nature of language.
 (Cross listed with ANTH 413)

LING 410 - Language Attitudes

Spring (4) Charity-Hudley Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204 and LING 303 or LING 406 .
This seminar will examine the social, economic, and educational ramifications of language attitudes including: the linguistic intersection of race, gender, and social class; comparisons of standardized and Standard English; and the role of linguistics in the formation of language policy.

LING 415 - Linguistic Anthropology

Spring (3) Staff Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204. (In 2013-14, LING/ANTH 308 will also serve as a prerequisite.) (GER 3)
This course will introduce students to the history and theories of linguistic anthropology with emphasis on North American languages. Students will approach these subjects through readings, class discussions and problem sets. *(In 2013-14, LING/ANTH 308 can serve as a substitute for 303/415.) (Cross listed with ANTH 415)

LING 418 - Language Patterns: Types and Universals

Fall (3) Martin Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204.
A survey of common patterns and constructions in language ranging from word order to case, agreement, voice, aspect, relative clauses, interrogation and negation. Major themes include the unity and diversity of language and the techniques used to measure it. (Cross listed with ANTH 418)

LING 464 - Topics in Linguistics

Fall and Spring (1-3) Staff Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204 or consent of instructor.
Investigation of a major sub-field of linguistics. If there is no duplication of topic, may be repeated for credit.

LING 474 - Research Seminar in Linguistics

Spring (4) Staff Prerequisite(s): LING 220 / ANTH 204 and consent of the instructor.
Study in depth and independent research/writing about a topic in linguistics. Students who are not linguistics majors may enroll with instructor’s permission. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

LING 481 - Independent Study in Linguistics

Fall and Spring (1-3) Staff
A tutorial course on a topic agreed upon by the student and instructor and approved in advance by the departmental Undergraduate Program Committee.