William and Mary

Minor in LCST

Students majoring in the humanities, social sciences or interdisciplinary programs can choose to supplement their major with an add-on minor in Literary and Cultural Studies.

This minor requires a minimum of 18 credits: 9-10 credits being the three core courses (201, 301, 401) and the remaining credits being elective courses that in some way enhance and broaden the scope of the student's major; these electives, all of which must be numbered 300 and above, are to be chosen in consultation with a member of the Advisory Committee. (Courses from the department in which the student is majoring cannot be counted toward the minor; in the case of students majoring in other interdisciplinary programs, courses being counted toward the student's major requirements cannot also be counted toward the LCST minor.)

Students majoring in the natural sciences may also obtain a Literary and Cultural Studies minor by petitioning the Advisory Committee and arguing for its relevance to their own concentration.