William & Mary

The B.A. in Kinesiology & Health Sciences with concentration in Health:

No longer available as a choice for new majors. See B.S. concentration in Public Health as an alternative.

This concentration is appropriate for further study in the broad area of Health, including Public Health.  

Students receiving a concentration in Health must pass the following required courses:  

  • KINE 200 Introduction to the Human Body (GER2B)
  • KINE 270 Foundations of Epidemiology
  • KINE 280 Introduction to Public Health
  • KINE 295 Health-Related Exercise Rx (GER2B)
  • KINE 320 Issues in Health
  • KINE 350 Science of Nutrition (GER2B)
  • KINE 394 Statistics and Evaluation (GER1) (or any introductory statistics course but credits for such courses will not count towards the 34 credits needed in the department)

The remaining credits for the 34 total required must be taken from the list of courses.
Not all courses are available every semester. Please check the course schedule for the most updated listing of courses.