Physical Activity Course Descriptions

Not all courses are available every semester. Please check the course schedule for the most updated listing of courses.


101. Fitness Leadership and Aging
Fall and Spring (2,2) K. Charles.
This course is designed to introduce students to the facilitation of fitness activities primarily for older adults. It includes techniques for resistance training, cardiovascular training, balance, warm up, cool down, stretching, the basics of program design and field work with older adults.

104. Yoga
Fall and Spring (1,1) K. Charles.
This course is designed as an introduction to “Iyengar yoga.” We focus on developing strength, flexibility, and awareness through practicing postures and breath awareness (adaptable to all somatotypes and disabilities).

105. Judo
Fall and Spring (1,1) Horvath.
This course enables the student the opportunity to learn judo principles and be introduced to Olympic sport judo.

106. Tai Chi
Fall and Spring (1,1) K. Charles.
Tai chi is a centuries-old Chinese discipline. It emphasizes an awareness of the interdependence of mind and body while enhancing health, self-cultivation and inner calm.

120. Ski/Snowboard Maine
 Fall (1) Whitley.
 This course involves is an 8-10 day trip to a Maine ski resort during the winter break. Instruction will be given in both skiing and snowboarding. There is a fee associated with this course.

122. Scuba
Fall and Spring (1,1) McNeal.
This course is designed as an introduction to scuba diving. By completing all requirements the student will be ready to undertake the open water training dives to achieve certification.

130. Adventure Games
Fall and Spring (1,1) Drake, Whitley. Drake Syllabus. Whitley Syllabus.
This class provides a challenging experience through “new games,” ropes and initiatives course, climbing, rappelling, prussiking and aerobic games. Emphasis is placed on group cooperation and a willingness to try.

133. Backpacking
Fall and Spring (1,1) Whitley. Occasionally.
This class is designed to teach the basic knowledge and skills necessary to backpack in a temperate mountain zone. This includes route finding, map reading, trail negotiation, trip preparation, food selection and preparation, tents, packing and safety. A weekend trip concludes the experience.

139. Flat Water Canoeing
Fall and Spring (1,1) Whitley. Occasionally.
Introduces beginners to the spectrum of tandem flatwater canoeing. Content includes paddling strokes, lake maneuvers, portaging, navigation, rescue, proper equipment choice and a survey on the spectrum of canoe sport.

140. White Water Canoeing
Fall and Spring (1,1) Drake.
This course is designed to introduce students to tandem canoeing on Class I-II white water. This class culminates with a one day white water paddling trip.

141. White Water II
Fall (1) Drake.
An intermediate level course open to canoes and kayaks. The emphasis is more advanced level strokes and maneuvers and refinement of rescue and self-rescue skills appropriate for lower intermediate whitewater.

153. Self Defense
Fall and Spring (1,1) Horvath.
This course enables the student the opportunity to defend themselves in various threatening situations. Students will learn a global and unique approach to self-defense through judo techniques.

154. Kayaking
Fall and Spring (1,1) Drake, Whitley. Drake Syllabus. Whitley Syllabus.
Prepares beginners to kayak on Class II whitewater. Material covers safety practices, strokes, lake and river maneuvers, river reading, self-rescue including the Eskimo roll and proper equipment. Field experience planned.

164. Rock Climbing I
Fall and Spring (1,1) Whitley.
This beginning course introduces students to basic rock climbing, belaying and rappelling techniques. Skills include climbing, belaying, rappelling, knot tying, anchor systems, self-rescue, equipment selection and care, terminology and communications.

165. Rock Climbing II
Fall and Spring (1,1) Whitley.
An intermediate level class that increases depth and breadth of climbing, belaying and rappelling skills, including rescue, mental and physical conditioning, movement techniques and an understanding of lead climbing practices.

175. Weight Training
Fall and Spring (1,1) K.Charles.
This course is designed to provide the beginning weight trainer with the information and skills necessary to establish and work toward goals in the areas of muscular strength, size, endurance, and/or toning.

177. Winter Camping
Spring (1) Drake.
This class introduces the beginner to the exciting activities of the winter environment. Skills include cross country skiing, snow shoeing, skating, sledding, mountaineering, snow shelter, star gazing, and safety. Students spend two nights outside, otherwise accommodations are provided in an outdoor education center.

180. Outdoor Leadership.
 Fall and Spring (1,1) Drake, Whitley. Prerequisite: Consent of  instructor.
 This course is designed to give those students with previous experience in a particular outdoor activity an opportunity to work under the supervision of a professional outdoor educator as a teaching assistant.

181. Fitness Leadership.
Fall and Spring (1,1) K. Charles. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.
This course is designed to give those students with previous experience in a particular fitness activity an opportunity to work under the supervision of a professional fitness educator as a teaching assistant.

191. Adventure Sports Leadership
Fall and Spring (2,2) Whitley.
Learn the theory and application of adventure oriented leadership in a dynamic, active setting. Topics include leadership theory, group dynamics, group facilitation, trip planning, risk management, wilderness living/survival skills, basic adventure sports skills, instructional practices, and more. Students will gain experience and knowledge in basic wilderness living and sports skills through regular class experiences and a weekend backpacking trip during the course.

196 - 01. Movement, Meditation, and Mindful Practice
Fall (1) K.Charles.
This course is designed to introduce the beginner to the history, principles, and techniques of moving meditation, mindfullness, pranayama, restorative yoga and savasana as well as movements associated with beginning hatha yoga and tai chi.

196 - 02. Bicycling Basics
Fall (1) Turnbull.
This course will enable the student to learn and practice the basics of safe cycling for transportation, recreation, health and fitness. Class time will be divided between classroom instruction and "on-the-road" skill building. Short bicycle trips will be taken off campus and the students must provide their own bicycle and helmet.

 198.  Ropes Course Facilitation
Fall and Spring (2,2) Drake 
This course is designed to prepare students to work as ropes course facilitators. It will provide activities, games, strategies, and techniques that will enable a facilitator to assist groups in achieving their goals on a ropes and initiatives course.