William and Mary

2002: GPS Survey of Campus Trails

Ryan McKinney (Geology)

Over the last year, Ryan McKinney conducted an in depth investigation of the factors that influence trail conditions in William & Mary's, College Woods. This was the topic for his Senior Research Presentation. With more than 10 miles of trails, the College Woods are a recreational and educational outlet for the community. The Civilian Conservation Corps developed a majority of the trails in the early 1930's. Since that time little has been done to maintain the trails. McKinney's goal was to identify negative environmental and human induced factors in an effort to develop a remediation plan. He constructed a detailed map of the College Woods Trail System to identify deteriorated sections of trail, trail slope, trail geology, and trail use. He identified a slope of greater than 10 degrees and significant precipitation as the most significant environmental threat to trail quality and that trail use, trail construction, and a lack of maintenance are the most significant human induced threats.

Additional documentation includes a Trail Degradation presentation, Previous Work , Trail Shp File (GIS) and a Final Paper.

Map of Trails in Matoaka Woods

Matoaka Trails