Spring 2015 Electives

In addition to regularly scheduled electives, the following are available for the Spring 2015 semester and are appropriate for IR majors - please make sure you have the prerequisites:


ANTH 350-04: Anthropology of Globalization and Development (Balasundaram)

ANTH 350-04: Political Economy of Global Health (Balasundaram)


ECON 300-02: Labor Markets & Entrepreneurship (Seyoum)

ECON 446-01: History of Economic Thought (Haulman) - capstone


GOVT 310: Game Theory and Politics (Evans)

GOVT 391-01:  South Asia (Mullen)

GOVT 403-01: Political Violence in Latin America (Norman) - capstone

GOVT 404-01: Domestic Politics & International Conflict (Peterson) - capstone

GOVT 404-02: The Political Psychology of International Security (Holmes) - capstone

GOVT 405-01: Borders, Boundaries & Democracy (Sterling) - capstone

GOVT 439-01: Arab Foreign Policies (Shushan) - capstone

GOVT 482-01: Geostrategic Thought (Blouet) - capstone

GOVT 491-05:  Diplomacy & International Negotiations (Poliquin) - capstone


HIST 212-03: Atlantic Empires & Globalization (Prado)

HIST 212-05: Raising the Iron Curtain (Kunakhovich)

HIST 312-01: History of US Capitalism (Nelson)

HIST 312-02: Ottoman Empire (Stump)

HIST 312-05: History and Statecraft (Butler)

HIST 318-01: US Military History (Corlett)

HIST 491C-02: International Relations of the 1920s (Butler) - capstone

HIST 491C-03: Mongol Empire (Mosca) - capstone

HIST 491C-06:  Histories of Cuban Revolution (Turits) - capstone


SOCL 409-01: Immigration & Border Studies (Bickham Mendez)

SOCL 427-01: Energy, Environment & Development (Kaup)

SOCL 440-02: Global Health Issues (Yost)

Social Entrepreneurship Experiences in 2015 
Professor McCoy is offering two experiences in Social Entrepreneurship in 2015 (a 3-credit course on campus in Spring and a 6-credit experience in the Dominican Republic in Summer). These experiences are ideal for students interested in understanding and participating in international development projects to address social needs. For details and to apply visit http://masonweb.wm.edu/socialentrepreneurship/


Please see the on-line schedule for the most current information about courses offered.