Fall 2017 Electives

7n addition to regularly scheduled electives, the following are available for the Fall 2017 semester and are appropriate for IR majors - please make sure you have the prerequisites:


EDUC 360-01:  (11639)  Globalization and Education


GOVT 391-01:  (11639)  National Security Decision Making since WW II

GOVT 391-05:  (15883)  GIS for Social Science

GOVT 391-07:  (15894)  Politics of SE Asia

GOVT 403-02:  (15902)  Sources and Remedies for Conflict in Asia (capstone)

GOVT 404-02:  (15001)  Rise of China (capstone)

GOVT 404-04:  (16199)  Strategy and Winning War (capstone)

GOVT 482-01:  (14166) Geostrategic Thought (capstone)


HIST 211-01:  (15519)  Europe and the World:International Organizations 

HIST 490C-01:  (10340)  French Revolution (capstone)

HIST 490C-04:  (10342)  War & Peace in Postcolonial S. Asia (capstone)

Please see the on-line schedule for the most current information about courses offered.