William & Mary

Spring 2016 Electives

In addition to regularly scheduled electives, the following are available for the Spring 2016 semester and are appropriate for IR majors - please make sure you have the prerequisites:


ANTH 350-05 Political Economy of Global Health


ECON 300-03 Labor Market & Entrepreneurship


GOVT 391-01 Mixed Methods

GOVT 404-01 Political Psychology of Interational Security - capstone

GOVT 404-02 Dictatorship & War - capstone

GOVT 404-03 Politics & International Law - capstone

GOVT 405-02 Rethinking Sovereignty - capstone

GOVT 430-01 Arab Foreign Policy - capstopne


HIST 212-01 Global Capitalism since 1750

HIST 212-02 Americans in Europe

HIST 212-03 European Imperialism

HIST 212-04 Middle East since WWI

HIST 212-06 Russian Foreign Policy after the Soviet Union

HIST 312-04 Gender/Woman in Communism in Russia/E Europe

HIST312-08 US Interventions in Latin America

HIST 491C-02 French Revolution - capstone

HIST 491C-03 Colonialism & Nationalism in S Asia - capstone

HIST 491C-04 Europe after the Cold War - capstone


Please see the on-line schedule for the most current information about courses offered.