Funding Opportunities for Undergraduate Research

The History Department offers competitive fellowships, known as Lyon Gardiner Tyler Undergraduate Research Grants, for majors conducting historical research. These grants are distributed to junior and senior majors in history who wish to conduct either independent study or honors research, and who need financial support for expenses such as travel to archives or libraries, duplicating of photographs, purchase of microfilm, and Xeroxing or other expenditures.

There are two types of Tyler grants: a Minor Grant, typically $100-200, to assist in research conducted in any given semester; and a Summer Grant, typically $500-1,000, for research over the summer months, especially in preparation for an honors thesis. The deadlines for Minor Grants are October 15 and February 15; the deadline for the Summer Grants competition is April 1. Contact the Director of Undergraduate Studies for an application and details.

Other competitive opportunities for research funds are detailed on the Charles Center website. Monies available include the Charles Center Scholarship for Domestic Research, the Batten Scholarships for Preliminary Honors Research, and the Chappell Research Fellowships for William and Mary Undergraduates. History majors who apply for a Lyon Gardiner Tyler Research Grant are strongly urged to apply for Charles Center funds as well.