MA Placement and Achievement


  • Kristen E. Beales, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Lynch Bennet
  • Amelia M. Butler, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Alexandra M. Gross, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Ashley Irizarry- works as a writing tutor/consultant at Nova Southeastern University (Davie, FL), maintain 2 different blogs for a South Florida-based company, and interns in the education department and is a docent at the Museum of Art Fort Lauderdale. She's also an adjunct professor of history at Broward College (Broward county FL).
  • Matthew Morrison - Arts and Sciences Development Assistant, The College of William & Mary
  • Charles Murry
  • Shannon Retzback, Stewardship Coordinator, The College of William & Mary
  • Samuel Schuth- Library Technician, National Humanities Center
  • Kathryn E. Snyder, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Ian E. Tonat, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary


  • Hannah E. Bailey, 
  • Cara A. Elliott, 
  • Patrick J. Hussey, 
  • Peter Jones- Research Associate at Morgan, Angel & Associates, LLC
  • Katherine Madison- Marketing Intern and Research Assistant, KeboWorks Strategic Marketing Services
  • Skylar Reidy
  • Rebecca Rusek- Substitute Teacher at Anthony ISD, New Mexico
  • Casey S. Schmitt, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Kaylan Stevenson
  • Rachel ThomasUniversity Archivist at George Fox University
  • Lauren Wallace
  • Samuel S. Wells, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Andrea Williams
  • Emily H. Wright, 
  • Elizabeth Yohn- Research Consultant, Education at Hanover Research


  • Laura M. Ansley, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Anna M. Cloninger, 
  • Hannah C. Craddock, 
  • Alexandra J. Finley, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Jennifer Garrott, Associate Producer for C-SPAN's American History TV
  • Shannon E. Goings, 
  • Aaron Gregory- History Department at Fork Union Military Academy in Fork Union, VA.
  • Jennifer L. Petrafesa, 
  • Leigh A. Soares, 
  • Ryan B. Tanner-Read, 
  • Sarah E. Thomas, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Holly N. White, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary


  • Maria D. Booth, Doctoral Candidate at Rutgers University
  • Jack CohenDevelopment Manager with the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget
  • Heather DiAngelis-Senior Production Editor at American Society of Civil Engineers
  • Kate Egner: Curator, Yorktown Victory Center
  • Abigail C. Fine, 
  • Kelly M. Finefrock-Creed, 
  • Jeffrey M. Flanagan, 
  • Kaitlyn Gardy: Assistant Registrar for Loans and Exhibitions, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Thomas J. Gillan, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Laura Kerr Cordle- Development Coordinator at the Filson Historical Society in Louisville, Kentucky
  • Anna Krouse- Part-time History Faculty, University of Memphis
  • Laura Norbut- teaches middle school in Connecticut
  • Kristina E. Poznan, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Amanda Lee Savage, Instructor and Undergraduate Advisor, Department of History, University of Memphis
  • Maggie Shackelford, Program Manager  at the Program for Torture Victims 
  • Jonathan E. Shaw, 
  • Alana Speth,  history teacher, The Covenant School (Charlottesville, Va.)
  • Jeffrey S. Thomas, 
  • Matthew F. Thomas, 
  • KristenWoytonik: Ph.D. Candidate in History, University of New Hampshire


  • April M. Brinker, 
  • Brandon R. Byrd, 
  • Justin Clement-Ph.D. student in History, University of California, Davis 
  • Elizabeth Cook, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Laurel R. Daen, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Anne-Cabrie Forsythe, Interim Director, Restoration of Rights at the Office of Governor McAuliffe
  • Kate Hill-Archivist for Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library 
  • Katy Iverson-California Department of Education
  • Jade M. Leszkowicz, 
  • Michael A. Lusby, 
  • Sarah McCartneyPh.D. Candidate in History at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro.
  • Robert G. Menna, 
  • Molly F. Perry, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Brandon Righi-Reputation Institute 
  • Amanda Scott- Ph.D. Candidate, Washington University in St. Louis
  • Jessica L. Taylor, 
  • Lindsay W. Zurawski, 


  •  Seth D. Archer,
  • Sarah Z. Bowden, 
  • Judge Glock, Ph.D. candidate at Rutgers University and Fellow at the Miller Center for Public Affairs at the University of Virginia in 2014-15.
  • Myra Houser, Assistant Professor at Ouachita Baptist University
  • Benjamin J. Hurwitz, 
  • Stephen J. Legawiec, 
  • John McGlashan, Intermediate Business Analyst, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce
  • Margaret E. Owen, 
  • Heather A. McLees Frazier, 
  • Katie M. Ross, 
  • Michael P. Smith, 
  • Amy C. Stallings,  Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Stephen M. Volpe, 
  • Wallace, Charles A., Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Amy E. Whelan, 


  • Robert B. Abel, 
  • Jennifer L. Blahnik, 
  • Elizabeth A. Bond, 
  • Bronwyn M. Fletchall, 
  • Melissa F. Gray, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • William M. Hains, 
  • Zachary Jones, Archivist for the Sealaska Heritage Institute as well as an adjunct instructor in history and anthropology courses at the University of Alaska Southeast
  • Maria A. Kane, 
  • Lindsay M. Keiter, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Jeffrey W. Kuckuck, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Alan H. Matzner, 
  • Laura Passic, works in  Washington D.C. as an Intelligence Analyst for the U.S. Department of Justice.
  • Jason P. Zieger, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary


  • Kelly B. Arehart, 
  • Pierson J. Bell, 
  • Meredith M. Henne, 
  • Sarah M. Johnson, 
  • Paul P. Musselwhite, Assistant Professor, Dartmouth
  • Edward P. Pompeian, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mary Washington
  • Margaret S. Tilley, 
  • Jessica L. Walsh, 
  • Andrea K. Westcot, 


  • Bachmann, Aaron M.
  • Matthew ButlerDaily Wire Editor and News Staff, Howey Politics Indiana
  • John C. Fiorini, Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Mississippi
  • Nathaniel C. Green, 
  • Nancy A. Hillman, 
  • Sarah E. King, 
  • Caroline C. Morris, 
  • Justin A. Pariseau, 
  • Paskvan, Liam J.
  • Jill M. Pesesky, 
  • Kimberly Renner, Assistant Director, Historic Campus, College of William & Mary

  • Rebecca L. Sommers, 
  • Andrew K. Sturtevant, 
  • William A. Sullivan, 



  • James C. David, 
  • Cosby Williams Hall, Sixth Grade History Teacher, Norfolk Academy
  • Karen L Hines, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Eileen Robin Hintz, Doctoral candidate, Managing Editor of Emory Law Journal, Emory Law School
  • Giacomo Mazzei, Doctoral candidate and HGSA officer, University of Maryland - College Park
  • Jessica E. Roney, 
  • Michael T. Sclafani, 


  • Gordon Scott Barker, Assistant Professor, Bishop's University, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
  • Sean P. Harvey, 
  • Grace E. Hill, 
  • Zachary Curtis Lowe, Blogger/Reporter for American Lawyer Magazine , Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism
  • David Shamus McCarthy, Visiting Assistant Professor, Furman University
  • Amanda K. McVety, 
  • Emily Renn Moore, Doctoral candidate, College of William and Mary
  • Laura J. Odendahl, 
  • Emily T. Peterson, 
  • Bridget L. Reddick, 
  • Shawn G. Wiemann, 












  • Jayma Ann Abdoo, Administrative Assistant, Barnard College
  • Jill E. Chwojko-Frank, Heritage Farm Curator/Program Coor., Schaumburg Park District
  • Meaghan Noelle Duff, Esq., Director, Blackboard Training
  • Mary Carroll Johansen, Associate Professor, Holy Family University
  • Katharine Graydon Lisiewicz, Account Manager in UCLA Communications & Public Outreach
  • Gretchen Ann Reilly, Instructor of History, Temple College


  • Scott Edward Atwood, Partner (specializing in Labor and Employment Law), Weathersby, Howard and Kuck, LLC
  • Yvette Grace Hutchinson, Wider Participation Advisor: Specialist in Advanced and Beacon (as of March 13, 2005), Oxfordshire School Development Service
  • Matthew Robert Laird, Senior Researcher, James River Institute for Archaeology, Inc.
  • David J. Roberts, History Teacher, Chestnut Hill Academy
  • Chitose Sato, "Lecturer" of American History, University of Tsukuba, Master's Program in Area Studies


  • Lisa Mullins Bishop, Managing Editor, Early American Homes
  • Jennifer Anne Bryan, Curator of Manuscripts, Maryland Historical Society
  • Joan GosnellUniversity Archivist for Southern Methodist University
  • Caroline Beth Kipps, Development Officer, Thomas Jefferson Mem. Foundation
  • Stephen Haynes Lewis, Editor, Washington Post Co.
  • Alexandra Mary Lord, Acting Historian (as of December 7, 2004), United States Public Health Service
  • William Stuart Maddox, Attorney, Law Offices of William S. Maddox, Esquire
  • Frances Susan Mazur, Teacher, Irmo Middle School Campus I
  • Jennifer Davis McDaid, Archives Research Coordinator, Library of Virginia
  • Christianne niDonnell, Independent Writer (as of 2003), self-employed
  • Leslie Scott Philyaw, Assistant Professor of History, Western Carolina University


  • John D. Burton, Director Academic Support, DePaul University
  • Elizabeth Holmes Clark, Graphic Designer and Owner, Blue Oak Design
  • Ronald L. Hurst, Vice President - Collections and Museums and Chief Curator, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Elizabeth Hathhorn McGehee, Copy Editor, The Baltimore Sun
  • Julie Richter, Ph.D., The College of William & Mary
  • Monica McConnaghy Shaffer, Registrar-Data Center, Panhandle Plains Historical Museum
  • Deborah Gronich Tate, Associated Editor, Publishers Resource Group


  • William Paul Burke, Ranger, National Park Service
  • Jan Kirsten Gilliam, Assistant Curator of Exhibits, Colonial Williamsburg
  • Scott Hampton Harris, Site Director, New Market Battlefield State Historical Park
  • Judith Anne Ridner, Associate Professor, Muhlenburg University
  • Peg Poeschl Siciliano, the archivist at the History Center of Traverse City
  • Alicia Liberty Boehm Tucker, Adjunct Professor, Thomas Nelson Community College
  • Yufeng Wang, Professor, History, Sinclair Community College


  • Leslie Anne Bellais, Curator of Custom & Textiles, State Historical Society of WI
  • Sarah Sutton Brophy, Environmental Sustainability Consultant to Museums (self-employed)
  • Robert Lee Crewdson, Attorney, Phillips, Hinchey and Reid
  • Laura Jones Dooley, Senior Satellite Editor, Yale University Press
  • Nancy Dieter Egloff, Staff Historian, Jamestown-Yorktown Foundation
  • Anne Bridges Gavin, Senior Internal Auditor, UC Santa Cruz
  • Christopher Edwin Hendricks, Ph.D., The College of William & Mary
  • David Turner Rhoads, Senior Editor, Lexis Publishing
  • Wendy Ellen Sacket, Senior Assistant, Electronic Media & Curriculum Publishing, Coast Learning Systems
  • James Homer Williams, Professor of History and Director, Albert Gore Research Center at Middle Tennessee State University


  • Norton Scott Amos, Visiting Scholar and Librarian, Center for Christian Study
  • Barbara Ellen Austen, Archives Consultant, Central Connecticut State University
  • Elizabeth A. Crowell, Cultural Resource Protection Mngr, Fairfax County Park Authority
  • Christopher Thomas Daly, Lecturer, Villanova
  • Keeley Robin Long Sutphin, Tailor, Self-employed


  • Marcie C. Ferris, Assistant Professor of American Studies, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


  • Kevin J. Bertelsen, Publications Director, University of Wisconsin - River Falls
  • Dru Dowdy, Head of Publications, National Portrait Gallery
  • Mark Anthony Mastromarino, Ph.D., The College of William & Mary
  • Linda Eileen Parris, Archivist, Virginia Historical Society
  • Lisa Broberg Quintana, Freelance Consultant/Curator, Self-employed
  • Karen Stuart, Automated Operations Archivist, Library of Congress
  • Sarah Jane Weatherwax, Curator of Prints or Photography, Library Company of Pennsylvania
  • Linda Clark Wentworth, Copywriter, Cornell University Press
  • Susan Ocksreider Whisler, Dir., Workforce Investment Board, Southern Alleghenies Plan & Dev Comm.


  • John R. Barden, Head, Reference and Research Services, University of Richmond, William T. Muse Law Library
  • Ronald Edward Colvin, Operations Supervisor, Social Security Administration
  • John Matthew Coski, Historian, Museum of the Confederacy
  • Diane Lucille Dunkley, Director/Chief Curator, DAR Museum
  • Glenn Jerome Jessee, Legal Counsel (as of Oct. 25, 2005), International Finance Corporation
  • Martha Irene Pallante, Professor and Chair of History, Youngstown State University


  • Lucy Trumbull Brown, Attorney, Wisconsin Education Association Council
  • Susan Marjorie Eltscher, Assistant General Secretary, United Methodist Church Gen. Commission
  • Michael Joseph Puglisi, Vice President of Academic Affairs, Virginia Intermont College
  • Jeffrey L. Scheib, Test Development, National Board of Medical Examiners


  • Lynn Doggett Anderson, Head of Collections, WA State Historical Society Research Cen
  • Carol Edith Curtis, Dean of Learning Resources, Ozarks Technical Community College
  • Miss Alice Hepbourne Guerrant, Historic Archaeologist, State of Delaware
  • John Fitzhugh Millar, Owner/President, Thirteen Colonies Press
  • Nancy Lee Phinney, Director of College Communications, Westmont College.


  • Carole Johnson Breitenbach, Staff Attorney, Washington State Court of Appeals, Division II (Tacoma)
  • Dorothy Hagberg Cappel, Teacher, Grace Episcopal School
  • Carol Ann Dubbs, Teacher, California Elementary (Orange County, CA)
  • Professor Mary S. Hoffschwelle, Professor, Middle Tennessee State University
  • Jonathan Hughett Poston, Director of Preservation, Historic Charleston Foundation
  • Mary Miley Theobald, Freelance Writer


  • John T. Anderson, Catalog Librarian, St. Bonaventure University, Friedsam Memorial Library
  • John D. Schminky, Attorney, Naval Strategic Systems


  • Alta Elizabeth Cassady, Cultural Resourcs Coordinator, Alabama Historical Commission
  • Anne West Chapman, Phd, Historian, US Dept. of the Army
  • Claudia A. Miner, Vice President for Institutional Advancement, Desert Research Institute
  • Valerie Lund Mitchell, Director of Communication, Saad's Healthcare
  • Joanne Wood Ryan, Legal Assistant, Mayer, Fortkort, and Williams


  • Joseph Carvalho III, President, Springfield Library & Museums Assn.
  • James Patrick McClure, Associate Editor, Thomas Jefferson Papers
  • Prudence Phillimore Salasky, Journalist, Daily Press


  • Betsy August McClure, Substitute Teacher, Claremont United Methodist Nursery Sch.
  • John Sanford Salmon, Staff Historian, Department of Historic Resources
  • Fredrika J. Teute, Editor of Publications IEAHC


  • Daniel Irwin Hurley, Vice President for History (also was original project manager for the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center, which opened in 2004), Cincinnati Museum Center


  • June Meredith Costin, Adjunct Faculty, Loyola Univ.
  • John C. Lassiter, Professor of History, Anderson College
  • Elizabeth Courtenay Ramsey, Social Studies Teacher, Rockbridge County High School


  • Mary Randolph Corbin, Assistant to the President, Mary Washington College
  • Orelia Sparrow Dann, High School History Teacher, Greenhills School
  • Ann Lynn Lipton, Executive Director of the United Jewish Community and adjunct professor of History at Thomas Nelson Community College in Newport News, VA

  • Carol Toop McCollough, Homemaker
  • James Michael O'Toole, Associate Professor of History, Boston College
  • Clark Strickland, Dir., Center for Arts and PP, Univ. of CO -Denver
  • Hope Hockenberry Yelich, Reference Librarian, College of William & Mary


  • James Robert Bentley, Independent Researcher, Self-employed
  • Richard Paul Dauer, Head of Upper School, The Williams School
  • Diane Della-Loggia, Production Manager for the Handbook of North American Indians, Department of Anthropology, National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute
  • Nathaniel Abraham Jobe, Jr., Chairman of the History Department, Woodberry Forest School
  • Sigrid P. Milner, Scandinavin Cataloger, Library of Congress
  • Marie Morris Nitschke, Reference Librarian, Emory University
  • Susan Agee Riggs,  Manuscripts and Rare Books Librarian, Special Collections Research Center, Earl Gregg Swem Library College of William and Mary 


  • Frederick Fausz, Assoc. Professor of History, University of Missouri
  • Elizabeth Eugenie I. Gibbons, Legal Secretary, Panneton Law Corporation
  • Jayme R. Spencer, Librarian, American University Cairo
  • Peggy D. White, Minister of Education; Teacher and Member of the 2002 Newport News Curriculum Committee, First Baptist Church of Newport News; City of Newport News, Denbigh High School (as of 2002)


  • John Christie Dann, Historian, University of Michigan
  • Ronald P. Dufour, Associate Professor of History, Rhode Island College
  • John T. Keene, Jr., Chief of Planning & Construction, Anne Arundel County
  • Charles Lintner Killinger III, Professor of History, Valencia Community College
  • Edwin Whitfield Watson II, President & Chief Executive Officer, Fredericksburg Area Museum


  • Arthur G. Barnes, Manager of Evening Programs, Colonial Williams Foundation
  • Susanne Neale Fox, Professor of History and American Studies, Wesley College
  • Joan Rezner Gundersen, Archivist and Property Administrator for the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh
  • George Robert Orser, Management Consultant, The Nonprofit Doctor
  • John F. Page, Archives, New Hampshire State Archives


  • Curtis E. Fooks, Retired High School English Teacher
  • Patricia A. Gibbs, Historian, Colonial Williamsburg Foundation
  • Laylon Wayne Jordan, Professor of History, College of Charleston
  • Gwenda Morgan, Professor, Sunderland Polytechnic


  • Lorna Gayle Cooper, Specialist Collections Catologuer, University of Virginia
  • Susan Hill Gross, Retired Executive Director, UMWHC
  • Lynda R. Heaton, Joint-Owner, Cady Church Development Company
  • Madeleine C. Kaduboski, Advertising, Acton Real Estate


  • Richard Roy Beeman, Professor (and Deputy Dean, School of Arts and Sciences ), University of Pennsylvania
  • Marian Lois Moran, Treasurer, Kennedy Center Box Office
  • William L. Moran, Program Officer, US Department of Education


  • Angeline Polites, Director of Grants Development, Community College of Baltimore County


  • Robert C. Bolander, Dean of Doctoral candidates, Clayton College & State University
  • William Martin Kelso, Director, Jamestown Rediscovery Project
  • Anita L. Nolen, Systems Librarian/Archivist, Georgetown University


  • Willard C. Frank, Jr., Associate Professor, History, Old Dominion University
  • Susan A. Liddicoat, Acquisitions Editor, Teacher's College Press


  • Richard Albert Rutyna, Associate Professor Emeritus of History, Old Dominion University


  • John L. Blair, Prof/Chairman Dept. History, Richard Bland College


  • Catesby G. Jones, Jr., Assistant to the President, Crispies Co, Inc. (dba Peace Frogs)


  • James L. Carpenter, Jr., Manager Logistics, Lockheed Martin Company


  • James M. Perry, Superintendent of Fort Stanwix National Monument