William and Mary

Jade Leszkowicz

Ph.D Candidate

Email : [[e|jmleszkowicz]]
Current Research : New York State Commission for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies during the American Revolution.


Fields of Interest: Modern United States History, Environmental History, United States Foreign Policy


Academic Biography: B.A. History, Binghamton University, cum laude, 2006

M.A. College of William and Mary, 2010 Thesis: “The Commissioners for Detecting and Defeating Conspiracies: Albany County, NY, 1778-1781”


Awards: Christopher Wren Association Fellowship (2008), Order of Americans of Armorial Ancestry Grace DeuPree Scholarship (2008)


Field Exams: Early American History (With Paul Mapp), Modern United States History (with Andrew Fisher), United States Foreign Relations (with Hiroshi Kitamura), Consumption and Culture: the United States and the Modern World (with Charles McGovern)


Teaching Experience: United States History: 1877-present


Dissertation: Untitled. My dissertation focuses on the rise of the clean energy lobby between 1970 and present. I am particularly interested in the resurgence of uranium mining in the United States as well as the emphasis on “clean” nuclear power. The dissertation explores how the changing contours of the environmental movement caused energy lobbyists to alter the language in which they describe responsible resource management. The dissertation explores domestic and international energy policy as well as the American public’s reception of “clean energy.”