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Lindsay Keiter

ABD History

Advisor: Karin Wulf
Current Research: Gender/Women; Early America


Lindsay Keiter is a PhD Candidate, writing a dissertation on the economic functions of marriage in Early America. By examining how families planned financially and how marriage functioned as a conduit for various types of property, she connects the experiences of families and individuals to the wider forces of early America’s volatile, growing market economy. More broadly, she is interested in the intersections of the histories of gender, domestic violence, medicine, the law, and capitalism. Lindsay attended Cornell University's History of Capitalism Summer Camp, where she received training on the application of economic and statistical theories and methods to historical study. Her research has been supported by the Virginia Historical Society, the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation, the American Philosophical Society, the South Caroliniana Library, and the Southern Historical Collection at the University of North Carolina, as well as by the College of William & Mary. She has presented papers at previous conferences of the Society of Historians of the Early American Republic, at the Social Science Historical Association, Cornell's Histories of American Capitalism Conference, and the McNeil Center for Early American Studies. Starting December 2014, she will be the Associate Historian for the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation's Digital History Center.