Travel Tips

Before You Travel
Travel Authorization
  • Must be filled out before you travel.
  • City (or multiple cities) and state must be included in the destination.
  • A detailed description of the purpose of the trip must be included (i.e. “Doing research about swallows in the Archives of Monty Python” instead of just “research in the archives”)
  • Meals (Day Trips) - Per Diem is NOT allowed for day-only travel, regardless of leave and return times.  Keep your itemized receipts for your business meals.
  • Meal expenditures incurred during trips which did not require overnight lodging is reportable to the IRS.
  • Meals while on official business must involve a substantive and bona fide business discussion with a non-College employee.  Please see Per Diem and Business Meals for further explanation.
Per Diem
  • Per Diem is based on the location specified for the overnight lodging.
  • Per Diem is NOT reportable to the IRS (meals incurred during trips which require overnight lodging).
  • Please calculate the Per Diem amounts using the Commonwealth Per Diem Calculator and include the Printout(s) of appropriate rates for the time and attach it to the Travel Authorization.
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia uses the lodging and M&IE per diem rates for foreign travel as defined by the Federal Government.
  • Rates for cities and countries outside the 48 contiguous states can be found at International Per Diem Rates by Location (Int'l Meal & Incidentals Breakdown) by choosing the appropriate country and then selecting your date of travel for the current updated Maximum Travel Per Diem Allowance for Foreign Areas. If a specific city is not listed, use the “Other” rate shown for that country.
Driving to your Destination
  • If you are driving, please include a printout of Google maps with the to and from destination, include the addresses.
  • The Trip Cost Calculator (Procurement Website) must be filled out to determine the vehicle cost for the proposed trip, for both personal or rental car and must be included with your reimbursement. 
  • In the calculator enter the traveler's name, location, destination, estimated number of miles for the trip and the number of days of the trip.  The calculator will automatically compare the cost of obtaining an Enterprise car for the trip versus personal reimbursement at the current per mile rate.
  • If personal reimbursement is the cheaper method, print out a copy of the calculation.  You will need this calculation in order to be paid at the current full rate.
  • If personal reimbursement is NOT cheaper, print out a copy of the calculation and include a brief statement stating why your personal vehicle is cost beneficial to the state.
Travel Advance
After You Return From your Trip
Travel Reimbursement
  • Must be filled out by the traveler and the traveler must submit the travel voucher within 30 working days of the last day of travel for which reimbursement is requested.  Remember to fill-in the “Form Prepared by” and “Travel Purpose Description” located at the bottom left of the form.
  • Each day’s expenses must be shown separately on the voucher.  Example:
Date Location Total Miles Mileage Airfare Per Diem hotel Other Amount
1/02 Williamsburg to Narnia: Airfare, lodging, per diem, taxi 50 28.25 500 54.50 100 40 722.75
1/3 Narnia: lodging and per diem 71 100 171.00
1/4 Narnia to Williamsburg: per diem, taxi from airport 50 28.25 54.50 20
  • Proof of payment is a document that proves that a certain amount of money has been paid and transaction completed.  Make sure your receipts clearly say how the item was paid for.  If not you may need to include a heavily redacted bank/credit card statement.
Air travel
  • Your itinerary must be included, even if you aren't claiming it.  For flights obtained through the Internet, a hardcopy final page from Internet site showing total cost and confirmed service must be submitted.
  • Reimbursement for first class air or rail travel is prohibited
    • NOTE: Documents that validate the mode and class of travel are required for all air and rail reimbursements made directly to the traveler. Generally, airline and rail travel cannot exceed the rates charged for tourist or coach fare. 

International Travel
  • The Personal Vehicle Use Statement at the top of the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher should be checked with the appropriate choice.
  • Include a Google map of your route for mileage with the to and from destination(s), include the addresses.
  • If you used your personal car, you can’t get reimbursed for gas.
  • See Current Mileage Rates here.
  • Everyone gets Per Diem now, unless you took a day trip. Please do not submit meal receipts. 
  • If you attached the Commonwealth Per Diem Calculator print out to your travel authorization, you’re done! If not, print it out and include it with your reimbursement.
  • If meals are offered as part of your conference, make sure to check that box on the per diem calculator. If you did not attend the conference meal, the traveler must include a note or other documentation with the Travel Expense Reimbursement Voucher documenting this information (stating why).
  • Day trip meals - Meals while on official business must involve a substantive and bona fide business discussion with a non-College employee. The employee must complete a Non-Travel Business Meal form and submit it with the reimbursement request. Identification of all persons involved must be listed on the Business Meal form. The College will reimburse official business meals based on actual costs incurred up to the amount shown for the applicable meal in the M&IE Rate Table. An original, itemized receipt is required for reimbursement of all business meals. The M&IE rate used will correspond to the location in which the individual purchases the official business meal.
  • include the folio (itemized hotel bill obtained at time of checkout). For hotel rooms obtained through Internet providers (Priceline, Expedia, Orbitz, Travelocity, etc,), the traveler must submit the “hardcopy final page from the Internet site showing total cost and confirmed services.”  Explain fully any unusual charges (i.e., internet) and include it with your voucher.
  • For more information see here.
  • For taxis, shuttle vans and other forms of “for hire transportation,” receipts are required only if the reimbursement claim exceeds $25.
  • Parking and Toll expenses are reimbursable. A receipt is required for reimbursement claims where each individual claim is greater $10. Reimbursement must be claimed as an “other expense” on the travel reimbursement voucher.
  • Parking fees (divided by the days your car is on the lot) must be shown separately on the voucher.
Rental Car
Currency Converter
Conference Travel
  • Conference itinerary MUST be included.  This is mainly to show if meals were included.  If meals are offered as part of the conference, the traveler must reduce the per diem amount by the appropriate allowance amount whether the meal was a breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.
  • Travelers must keep receipts and accurate records of all expenses to ensure correct reporting and submission of travel reimbursements. Travel reimbursements will not be made from travel charge card statements or tissue receipts. Each day’s expenses must be shown separately on the voucher.

For more information on travel reimbursements, see Accounts payable's "Travel" information page.