William and Mary

Frequently Taught Topics Courses

150W, 290, 390, 390A, 390B, 490, and Senior Seminars

Not all courses are offered every semester. Please check with the Registrar's office or the on-line course schedule for the most updated listing of courses.

GSWS 150W: Freshman Seminar
  • Women's Movements Past and Present
  • Reading the Romance
  • Contemporary English and Irish Women Writers
  • Material Girls: Women, Money, Sex and Marriage
  • The College Girl in American History
  • Gender and Sexuality in Muslim Societies
  • Women and Work
GSWS 290: Topics in GSWS
  • Nation, Gender and Race in South Asia
  • Sexuality in America
  • Introduction to LGBTIQ Studies
  • Sex and Gender: Feminist Interrogations
GSWS 390: Topics in GSWS
  • Global Feminisms and Transnational Activism
  • Feminism and the Environment
  • Women in Africa and the Diaspora
  • Queer Theory
GSWS 390A: Topics in GSWS, Humanities
  • Twentieth-Century American Women Writers
  • Emily Dickinson and Nineteenth-Century American Women Poets
  • Literature of Tolerance
  • Lesbian Fictions
  • The Politics of Story-Telling by Women
  • Divorce in the British Victorian and Edwardian Novel
  • Philosophy and Feminism
  • Scandalous Women
  • Thoroughly Modern Manhood: Hypermasculinity and the Fin de Siecle Consciousness
GSWS 390B: Topics in GSWS, Social Sciences
  • Race, Gender and Popular Culture in Brazil
  • Families and Kinship
  • Women's Agency, Sex Tourism
GSWS 490: Senior Seminar
  • Magdalens and Jezebels: The Fallen Woman in Victorian Fiction
  • Black Women Writing Autobiography: A Tradition Within a Tradition
  • Sex, Gender and Health
  • Virginia Woolf
  • Film, Feminism and the Body: Ideologies of the Visual
  • Gender, Politics and Performance
  • The History of Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
  • Gender and Human Rights
  • Gender and the American Diary
  • Gender and Post-Coloniality
  • The American Family