The focus of the GSWS Program is on interdisciplinary teaching and research, and the wide range of interests among our faculty reflects this focus. We have three core GSWS faculty members. Victoria Castillo is appointed in GSWS, Gul Ozyegin is appointed in GSWS and Sociology, and Jennifer Putzi is appointed in GSWS and English. All these professors teach courses in the GSWS Program, and the jointly appointed faculty also cross-list courses with their other department. The GSWS faculty are all well-known scholars who have published books on topics ranging from women's experimental writing to domestic service in Turkey.

We have a large number of affiliated faculty, who are appointed in other departments but who frequently cross-list courses on women's and gender issues, advise GSWS students, and serve on GSWS committees. In particular, Christy Burns, Leisa Meyer and Suzanne Raitt (former Directors), teach regularly in the program and are active in program governance. GSWS affiliated faculty come from a range of departments and schools, including English, Religious Studies, American Studies, Education, Law, History, Classical Studies, Sociology, Modern Languages, and Theater.