William and Mary

GSWS/Africana Studies Brownbag Series

Fridays, 12 noon, Morton 314

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies and Africana Studies programs jointly sponsor a series of brownbag talks by faculty and students in Morton 314, the Margaret Gove Seminar Room, on Wednesdays or Fridays at noon. Light refreshments are served, and everyone is welcome.

Spring 2014
January 29th: Chelsey Johnson (English), "Queer Scenes: Subtext in Life and Fiction"

February 26th: Faith Barton (GSWS/Art), "Occupy Spaces: Other and Laughing About it"

March 26th: Jennifer Putzi (GSWS/English), "Of Mice and Women: Animal Sympathy and Genre Parody in Lydia Sigourney's, The Crushed Mouse"

Fall 2013
September 25th: Tom Linneman (Sociology), “Gender in Jeopardy!: Gender research on the Media, Gender Research in the Media”

October 23rd: Helis Sikk (American Studies), “Technologies of Anti-LGBTQ Violence”

Novermber 20th: Victoria Castillo (GSWS), " The Interpersonal is Political: Gender and Anti-Imperialism in the Transnational Frienship of Victor

Spring 2013
January 30th: Zeynep K. Korkman (Sociology/Women's Studies), "Gendered Fortunes: Women's Occult Labor in Millenial Turkey"

March 20th" Lily Panoussi (Classical Studies), "Whatever happened to Thoas? Hypsipyle's Rituals in Valerius and Statius"

April 24th: Salih Can Aciksoz (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), "In Vitro Nationalism: War, Disabled Masculinity, and Politics of Reproduction in Turkey"

Fall 2012
September 12th: Davison M. Douglas (W&M Law School), "Pauli Murray and the Pursuit of American Democracy"

October 24th: Chinua Thelwell (Africana Studies), "'Modernizing'Hybridity: McAdoo's Jubilee Singers and Minstrels in South Africa 1890-1898"

November 14th: Jude Hand (Sociology), ""From 'Always Knowing' to 'Left Field': Sexuality Stories of Later in Life Lesbians"

Spring 2012
February 8th: Emily Wilcox (Modern Languages and Literatures),  "Is Heritage Gendered? Debates Over Female Movement in the Making of Chinese Classical Dance"

March 28th: Kara Thompson (English/American Studies), "'What in Blazes Is That?': Reserving Space in the Final Frontier"

April 18th: Iyabo Osiapem (English), "An Accidental English: A Speculative History of Black English in Bermuda"

Fall 2011
September 28th: Katherine Preston (Music), "Out of the Parlor and onto the Public Stage: The Triumphant Nineteenth-Century Career of 'The People's Primadonna,' Emma Abbott"

October 28th: Ophera Davis (Psychology, Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts), "Hurricane Katrina Update - Six Years Later: Voices from Unheard Mississippi Women Survivors and Recovery"

November 16th: Betsy Schlabach (History/Women's Studies), "Jet Magazine, September 1955: Making Visual Sense of Emmett Till and Jet's 'Beauty of the Week' Feature"

Spring 2011
February 23rd: Danielle Currier (Sociology), "Hook-Up Culture"

March 23rd: Christine Quinan (French, UC Berkeley), "Algerian War and Gender"

April 20th: Denise R. Gill-Gürtan (Music), "Melancholy, Gender Subjectivities, and the Spiritual Labors of Turkish Classical Music Practices"

Fall semester 2010
September 22nd: Amy Kracker Selzer (Sociology), "Patterns of Racial Integration in Urban South Africa"

October 20th: Lan Cao (Law School), "Culture and Gender in Law and Development"

November 10th: Kirsten Holmstedt (Writer in Residence, English), "Women and War"

Spring semester 2010
February 17th: Robert Vinson (History), "Open Marriage: The Romantic Lives of Paul and Essie Robeson"

March 17th: Tom Linnemann (Sociology), "Gender in Jeopardy!: Tentative Intonations in a Television Game Show"

April 21st: Kim Phillips (History/American Studies, "Picturing Black Virginia: Blacks and the New Deal"

Fall semester 2009
November 18th: Camilla Buchanan (Women's Studies, founder of the Maasai American Organization, founder of the OB/GYN practice Womancare of Williamsburg) MD, MPH, DTM & H, "The Daily Life of a Rural Maasai Woman"

Spring semester 2009
April 17th: Elizabeth Currans (Women's Studies), “Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Space: Conflict and Intra-Movement Surveillance in Santa Barbara’s 21st Century Anti-War Movement”

February 20th: Iyabo Osiapem (English), "Language and Identity Among Black Bermudian Women"

Fall semester 2008

November 21st: Nancy Gray (Women's Studies/English), “My Life, Based on a True Story: Fact, Fiction and What Lies Between"

October 17th: Hermine Pinson (English/Black Studies), “Photo #5 Bob: Writing and Unwriting a NonFiction Essay"

Spring semester 2008

February 8th: Tova Johnson (American Studies), "Performances of Black Female Sexuality in Hip Hop Magazines”

March 14th: Dee Royster (Sociology/Black Studies),  "I Thought Every Black Man Was Special: What Is Lost as Options for Masculine Esteem Narrow"

April 11th: Robert Vinson (History), “Legal Minors and Social Children: The Gendered and Generational Struggles of Female Garveyites in Segregationist South Africa"

April 18th: Hilary Marcus’s “Third World Feminisms” Class, “Activism Transcending Borders: Student Work in Women’s Studies”

Fall semester 2007

October 26th: Margot Weiss (Women's Studies), "Capitalism/SM/Performance: Technologies of Pleasure and Power in BDSM Communities"

November 30th: Deborah Morse, "'It went through and through me like an electric shock': Celebrating 'Vulgar' Female Desire in Trollope's Ayala's Angel'"

Spring semester 2007

February 2:  Sharla Blank:  “Women’s Desires and Male Inadequacies: Gender Antagonism in Dominica, West Indies”

March 2:  Kathleen Slevin:  “Women and Aging: Negotiating the Aging Body”

March 30: Christy Burns:  “Postmodern Sex: Representations from the writings of Pynchon, Acker, and Ballard”

April 20: Deborah Morse: 'Burning Art: The 1820's Anti-Slavery Debates in England and Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall'

Fall semester 2006

November 3rd: Francie Cate-Arries (Modern Languages): American painter/photographer Ione Robinson (1910-1989)

December 1st:  Maya Johnson (American Studies):  “Harem Fantasies and Music Videos: Contemporary Orientalist Representation”

Spring semester 2006

January 27th: Juliana Mills (Counselor Education), “Examining the Sexual Health of College Women”

February 24th: Andrea Westcot (American Studies), “Born of a Woman: Reproduction in Early Virginia”

March 24th: Chiara Ferrari (Italian), “Postmodern Feminism and the Italian Women's Union”

April 21st: Francis Tanglao-Aguas (Theater, Speech and Dance), “Selections from The Sarimanok Travels: Documenting Oral Narratives and the Legacy of World War II Comfort Women: A Performance”

Fall semester 2005

September 30th: Anne Charity (English/Linguistics), “Repeat after me: the linguistic and educational ramifications of teacher talk”

October 21st: Gayle Murchison (Music/Black Studies), “The Little Piano Girl: Two Early Piano Solos of Mary Lou Williams”

November 18th: Kay Jenkins (Sociology), “Negotiating Female Submission and Gender Egalitarianism in an Evangelical New Religious Movement”

Spring semester 2005

January 28th: Suzanne Raitt (English), “Virginia Woolf: The Voyage Back”

February 18th: Christy Burns (English): ““Filming Sexual Difference: From Cross-Dressing to Undressing in Queer Film”

March 18th: Melissa Ooten (History): “Virginia Censors’ Battle Against Women’s Sexuality in the Movies”

April 15th: Mei Mei Sanford (Black Studies/Women's Studies): “The Male Goddess Osun: Gender and Yoruba Religion”

Fall semester 2004

October 15th: Leisa Meyer (History/American Studies). “’Are Negroes More Amorous Than Whites?’: Multiple and Competing Sexual Normativities in Black Periodicals During the 1950s and 60s"

November 19th: Beth Kreydatus (History). "'Liberated Beauty': Beauty Advice for a Feminist Generation"