GSWS Brownbag Series

The Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies program sponsors a series of brownbag talks by faculty and students in Morton 314, the Margaret Gove Seminar Room. Light refreshments are served, and everyone is welcome.

Spring 2016

March 16: Rebekah Sterling (Government), "Too Often Moved but Not Moving: Freedom as Flight and Detachment in the Work of Gabrielle Suchon"

March 30: Duenya Hassan (GSWS/Government), "Women and ISIS: A Complicated Relationship"

April 20: Jan Huebenthal (GSWS/American Studies), "Love Un/Detectable: Queer Health, HIV, and Homonormativity"

Fall 2015

September 23rd: Melanie Dawson (English), "Women and the Revision of Age: Longevity and Its Representation in the 1920s"

October 21st: Cynthia Ward (Law School), "Adjudicating Sexual Assault on Campus: Emerging Models at U.S. Colleges and Universities"

November 19th: Elizabeth Losh (English/American Studies), "Public Spheres and Safe Spaces: Gamer Gate and Online Misogyny"

Spring 2015

February 18th: Annie Blazer (Religious Studies), "Playing for God: Evangelical Women and the Unintended Consequences of Sports Ministry"

March 18th: Monika Gosin (Sociology), "Racial/Sexual Appropriation and Erasure in the Veneration of Afro-Cuban Salsera Celia Cruz"

April 22nd: Simon Joyce (English), "Gender Identity, Sexuality, and "Proto-Gay" Kids: Reading the Literature on Parenting Gender-Expansive Children"

Fall 2014

September 23rd: Wouter Deconinck (Physics), "Queer Geeks: Creating an LGBT+ Inclusive Climate in the Physical Sciences"

October 21st: Kara Thompson (English/American Studies), "Indigenous L.A.: Queer Intimacy and the Politics of Disappearance"

November 19th: Bettina Judd (GSWS), "The Inauguration of Experiments': Methodology, Creative Process, and Telling the Stories of Enslaved Women in Patient."

Spring 2014

January 29th: Chelsey Johnson (English), "Queer Scenes: Subtext in Life and Fiction"

February 26th: Faith Barton (GSWS/Art), "Occupy Spaces: Other and Laughing About it"

March 26th: Jennifer Putzi (GSWS/English), "Of Mice and Women: Animal Sympathy and Genre Parody in Lydia Sigourney's, The Crushed Mouse"

Fall 2013

September 25th: Tom Linneman (Sociology), “Gender in Jeopardy!: Gender research on the Media, Gender Research in the Media”

October 23rd: Helis Sikk (American Studies), “Technologies of Anti-LGBTQ Violence”

Novermber 20th: Victoria Castillo (GSWS), " The Interpersonal is Political: Gender and Anti-Imperialism in the Transnational Friendship of Victor Haya de la Torre and Anna Melissa Graves"

Spring 2013

January 30th: Zeynep K. Korkman (Sociology/Women's Studies), "Gendered Fortunes: Women's Occult Labor in Millennial Turkey"

March 20th" Lily Panoussi (Classical Studies), "Whatever happened to Thoas? Hypsipyle's Rituals in Valerius and Statius"

April 24th: Salih Can Aciksoz (Asian and Middle Eastern Studies), "In Vitro Nationalism: War, Disabled Masculinity, and Politics of Reproduction in Turkey"

Fall 2012

September 12th: Davison M. Douglas (W&M Law School), "Pauli Murray and the Pursuit of American Democracy"

October 24th: Chinua Thelwell (Africana Studies), "'Modernizing'Hybridity: McAdoo's Jubilee Singers and Minstrels in South Africa 1890-1898"

November 14th: Jude Hand (Sociology), ""From 'Always Knowing' to 'Left Field': Sexuality Stories of Later in Life Lesbians"

Spring 2012

February 8th: Emily Wilcox (Modern Languages and Literatures),  "Is Heritage Gendered? Debates Over Female Movement in the Making of Chinese Classical Dance"

March 28th: Kara Thompson (English/American Studies), "'What in Blazes Is That?': Reserving Space in the Final Frontier"

April 18th: Iyabo Osiapem (English), "An Accidental English: A Speculative History of Black English in Bermuda"

Fall 2011

September 28th: Katherine Preston (Music), "Out of the Parlor and onto the Public Stage: The Triumphant Nineteenth-Century Career of 'The People's Primadonna,' Emma Abbott"

October 28th: Ophera Davis (Psychology, Bridgewater State University, Massachusetts), "Hurricane Katrina Update - Six Years Later: Voices from Unheard Mississippi Women Survivors and Recovery"

November 16th: Betsy Schlabach (History/Women's Studies), "Jet Magazine, September 1955: Making Visual Sense of Emmett Till and Jet's 'Beauty of the Week' Feature"

Spring 2011

February 23rd: Danielle Currier (Sociology), "Hook-Up Culture"

March 23rd: Christine Quinan (French, UC Berkeley), "Algerian War and Gender"

April 20th: Denise R. Gill-Gürtan (Music), "Melancholy, Gender Subjectivities, and the Spiritual Labors of Turkish Classical Music Practices"

Fall 2010

September 22nd: Amy Kracker Selzer (Sociology), "Patterns of Racial Integration in Urban South Africa"

October 20th: Lan Cao (Law School), "Culture and Gender in Law and Development"

November 10th: Kirsten Holmstedt (Writer in Residence, English), "Women and War"

Spring 2010

February 17th: Robert Vinson (History), "Open Marriage: The Romantic Lives of Paul and Essie Robeson"

March 17th: Tom Linnemann (Sociology), "Gender in Jeopardy!: Tentative Intonations in a Television Game Show"

April 21st: Kim Phillips (History/American Studies, "Picturing Black Virginia: Blacks and the New Deal"

Fall 2009

November 18th: Camilla Buchanan (Women's Studies, founder of the Maasai American Organization, founder of the OB/GYN practice Womancare of Williamsburg) MD, MPH, DTM & H, "The Daily Life of a Rural Maasai Woman"

Spring 2009

April 17th: Elizabeth Currans (Women's Studies), “Gender, Sexuality, Race, and Space: Conflict and Intra-Movement Surveillance in Santa Barbara’s 21st Century Anti-War Movement”

February 20th: Iyabo Osiapem (English), "Language and Identity Among Black Bermudian Women"

Fall 2008

November 21st: Nancy Gray (Women's Studies/English), “My Life, Based on a True Story: Fact, Fiction and What Lies Between"

October 17th: Hermine Pinson (English/Black Studies), “Photo #5 Bob: Writing and Unwriting a NonFiction Essay"

Spring 2008

February 8th: Tova Johnson (American Studies), "Performances of Black Female Sexuality in Hip Hop Magazines”

March 14th: Dee Royster (Sociology/Black Studies),  "I Thought Every Black Man Was Special: What Is Lost as Options for Masculine Esteem Narrow"

April 11th: Robert Vinson (History), “Legal Minors and Social Children: The Gendered and Generational Struggles of Female Garveyites in Segregationist South Africa"

April 18th: Hilary Marcus’s “Third World Feminisms” Class, “Activism Transcending Borders: Student Work in Women’s Studies”

Fall 2007

October 26th: Margot Weiss (Women's Studies), "Capitalism/SM/Performance: Technologies of Pleasure and Power in BDSM Communities"

November 30th: Deborah Morse, "'It went through and through me like an electric shock': Celebrating 'Vulgar' Female Desire in Trollope's Ayala's Angel'"

Spring 2007

February 2:  Sharla Blank:  “Women’s Desires and Male Inadequacies: Gender Antagonism in Dominica, West Indies”

March 2:  Kathleen Slevin:  “Women and Aging: Negotiating the Aging Body”

March 30: Christy Burns:  “Postmodern Sex: Representations from the writings of Pynchon, Acker, and Ballard”

April 20: Deborah Morse: 'Burning Art: The 1820's Anti-Slavery Debates in England and Anne Bronte's The Tenant of Wildfell Hall'

Fall 2006

November 3rd: Francie Cate-Arries (Modern Languages): American painter/photographer Ione Robinson (1910-1989)

December 1st:  Maya Johnson (American Studies):  “Harem Fantasies and Music Videos: Contemporary Orientalist Representation”

Spring 2006

January 27th: Juliana Mills (Counselor Education), “Examining the Sexual Health of College Women”

February 24th: Andrea Westcot (American Studies), “Born of a Woman: Reproduction in Early Virginia”

March 24th: Chiara Ferrari (Italian), “Postmodern Feminism and the Italian Women's Union”

April 21st: Francis Tanglao-Aguas (Theater, Speech and Dance), “Selections from The Sarimanok Travels: Documenting Oral Narratives and the Legacy of World War II Comfort Women: A Performance”

Fall 2005

September 30th: Anne Charity (English/Linguistics), “Repeat after me: the linguistic and educational ramifications of teacher talk”

October 21st: Gayle Murchison (Music/Black Studies), “The Little Piano Girl: Two Early Piano Solos of Mary Lou Williams”

November 18th: Kay Jenkins (Sociology), “Negotiating Female Submission and Gender Egalitarianism in an Evangelical New Religious Movement”

Spring 2005

January 28th: Suzanne Raitt (English), “Virginia Woolf: The Voyage Back”

February 18th: Christy Burns (English): ““Filming Sexual Difference: From Cross-Dressing to Undressing in Queer Film”

March 18th: Melissa Ooten (History): “Virginia Censors’ Battle Against Women’s Sexuality in the Movies”

April 15th: Mei Mei Sanford (Black Studies/Women's Studies): “The Male Goddess Osun: Gender and Yoruba Religion”

Fall 2004

October 15th: Leisa Meyer (History/American Studies). “’Are Negroes More Amorous Than Whites?’: Multiple and Competing Sexual Normativities in Black Periodicals During the 1950s and 60s"

November 19th: Beth Kreydatus (History). "'Liberated Beauty': Beauty Advice for a Feminist Generation"