2005 Women's Studies Graduates

Kathryn HigginsKathryn Higgins (Women's Studies/Literary and Cultural Studies, Film Track): Non-profit management
After graduation, I admit - I was kind of at a loss as to what to do. So, I just focused on getting out of Virginia Beach. I ended up accepting an AmeriCorps VISTA position with Planned Parenthood of Western Washington (now Great Northwest). My position was way more fun than VISTA programs are meant to be - I worked with a youth development program for at risk middle school students called Checkpoint. I coordinated their afterschool tutoring program and planned a lot of field trips, among other things. It was a great year, but I strongly felt that VISTA was not for me. So, I decided not to renew my contract for the next year, and instead focused on my volunteer work. The great thing about living in a city like Seattle is that while taking a series of run of the mill 9 to 5 jobs, I managed to do an amazing amount of career development by volunteering at a variety of local organizations. In particular, I've been heavily involved with the Zine Archive and Publishing Project. It's the largest zine archive in North America, and it's had a chaotic history, particularly in the last four years. It's been my time here that inspired me to go into nonprofit management for cultural organizations, and so I am starting at Brown's Public Humanities MA program Fall 2010 - along with many other William and Mary grads, surprisingly!

Kelli RakerKelli Raker (Women's Studies/Anthropology minor): Rape Prevention Education Coordinator at University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
After graduating from William and Mary, I went on to graduate school at The Ohio State University where I completed a Master of Arts degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs.  I held a graduate assistantship as a Residence Hall Coordinator which provided a small stipend, my tuition/fees, and my housing while I worked on my degree for two years. Then for 2.5 years, I worked full-time as a hall director, supervising a graduate student, ten resident assistants, and eight desk receptionists. I also became involved in the college community by advising two student groups, the Women's Center and Campus Educators on Sexual Assault, as they hosted discussions, supported an annual performance of The Vagina Monologues, and educated the community.  I moved to a new position in February 2010 working as a Rape Prevention Education Coordinator at UNC-Chapel Hill; under a grant from the state, I am working with students to develop a program to stop first-time perpetration of sexual violence, called One Act.  I train peer educators to present a four-hour program which teaches members of the community how to become an engaged bystander and take action to reduce and prevent violence.  I love what I do and know that much of my dedication to ending sexism is founded in what I learned at William and Mary. (2009)

I was recently awarded the staff University Award for the Advancement of Women for my development of a bystander education program while working as the Rape Prevention Education Coordinator, over the last three years at UNC-Chapel Hill. I also volunteer as an overnight advocate on a local domestic violence crisis line (since summer 2012) and just started fostering dogs through the Triangle Beagle Rescue of North Carolina. (2013)