1996 Women's Studies Graduates

Elizabeth Nash: Public Policy Associate, Guttmacher InstituteNash
When I graduated from William and Mary, I thought that I would get into politics to help change policies to improve the status of women, minorities and the underserved. With that intention I ended up working on a Congressional re-election campaign, but although we won, I became a bit wary of politics. I tried several different types of positions after that, not all of which specifically used my degree. I worked at a PR firm, served as an assistant producer on a very small woman-centered PBS news show, and monitored state legislation for a for-profit company, along with other smaller contract work. Each one of these jobs has helped me to figure out what I wanted to do with my career and life.

Now I am very lucky. I work at the Guttmacher Institute which is a reproductive rights and health think tank. We are most known for our statistics and research. For example, if you have heard that 87% of U.S. counties do not have an abortion provider then you have heard of our work. At Guttmacher I monitor and analyze state policy developments, provide research and analysis to state-level advocates and serve as a representative to the media. It's a position that fits me well and one where I can use both of my passions- public policy and women's rights, and I have learned that I have another passion- ensuring that all people have access to reproductive health care.