What Are Our Graduates Doing?

Are you wondering what you can do with a GSWS degree? Find out here! Our graduates go on to a variety of different careers in non-profits, law, government, teaching, medicine, business and academia.

All the William & Mary GSWS alums featured on these pages are happy to talk to current students about their experiences after leaving William & Mary. If you would like to contact one of them, please e-mail the GSWS Administrative Coordinator. There are also a number of websites listing job openings that might be of interest to GSWS graduates.

2013 Graduates

mentoring high school students (AmeriCorps)

2012 Graduates

media and marketing director

2011 Graduates

law student, Teach for America, co-ordinator for student-community engagement

2010 Graduates

intern with Planned Parenthood, project manager for healthcare software company, program assistant for middle-school educational non-profit, arts non-proft/graduate school, early childhood advocate

2009 Graduates

federal government (Justice), graduate student in English, residential supervisor at YWCA, research technologist, life and health insurance agent, mental health case manager,  state co-ordinator for domestic violence, intern with community AIDS partnership, attorney for children with special needs

2008 Graduates

graduate student in sustainable design, graduate student in English, elementary school teacher, researcher in women's health and reproductive rights

2007 Graduates

public defender, founder of non-profit, foreign service officer, development associate

2006 Graduates

singer-songwriter, graduate student in English

2005 Graduates

non-profit manager, campus rape prevention educator

2004 Graduates

legal researcher with PETA

2003 Graduates

legal assistant, bike safety educator and activist, web developer, writer/editor

2002 Graduates

US senate committee staffer

2000 Graduates


1998 Graduates

grants officer at non-profit

1999 Graduates

assistant professor of English and Women's Studies

1996 Graduates

research associate