Campus Activism and CAPs

The GSWS Program is committed to encouraging, supporting and sponsoring activist work both on and off campus. In 2013, we pioneered a new course on feminist activism, and all our majors and minors - plus numerous other students from around campus - plan an activist project as part of their work for GSWS 205, Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies.

GSWS 390: Feminist Activism

This course was taught for the first time in Spring 2013 and our students came up with some amazing projects designed to make William & Mary an even more empowering and welcoming community for all.

Community Action Projects in "Introduction to Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies" (GSWS 205)

From 2007-2012, students enrolled in "Introduction to Women's Studies" each completed a Community Action Project, often with associated websites. See a gallery of past projects! In 2013, as a way of broadening the scope of the assignment, students conceived and planned projects that could be carried out anywhere.

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