Feminist Activism Course

Of Us, All of UsStudents in GSWS 390: Feminist Activism, taught by Lindsay Keiter, completed four inspiring projects in 2013 that addressed a range of feminist issues. One group is working to make the College's sports teams more supportive environments by pledging to eliminate gender- and sexuality-based slang and jokes. Another conducted research, including a campus survey, to work with the administration to try to create a Gender Equality Center that will offer resources and support around issues of gender and sexual identity, health, and discrimination. (I'm)PossibleA third group came together to create and solicit submissions for a print and digital zine and tumblr they titled (I'm)Possible to offer a safe space and site of expression by and for folks who identify as people of color, women of color, queer-trans people of color, and assigned female at birth. Last but not least, the fourth group, the Tribe Accountability Project to End Sexual Violence, organized a powerful four-speaker event plus a follow-up meeting that they called "One of Us, all of Us" to raise awareness of intimate violence.