Community Action Projects in 2009

In 2009, projects included:
  • Sexual Consent: a workshop on sexual consent, and a sexuality themed mixed CD
  • Student Parents on Campus: Campus Moms focused on starting an organization for students with children, also known as  S.P.O.C. (Student Parents on Campus)
  • The Gender Coordination Project invited campus organizations concerned with feminist or gender issues to coordinate and work together on events.  
  • William & Mary Female Beauty Campaign: A photo exhibit featuring some of William & Mary's most high-achieving young women designed to challenge onlookers to reevaluate their concept of female beauty
  • STI Awareness Project
  • Helping H.E.R.: These students collected business clothing to donate to job-seeking women at the H.E.R. domestic violence shelter in Portsmouth, VA
  • Women's Backpacking Trip: a weekend backpacking trip for women to promote environmental awareness
  •  Men and Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health Carnival
  • Women Helping Women: an event including workshops focused on body image and networking
  • IF Fund: a fund-raising dinner to establish a fund for feminist student events on campus
  • Recognizing Women in Sports: campaign to increase awareness of and attendance at women's sports events on campus, especially the nationally-ranked women's basketball team
  • Practical Eating and Living: campaign to increase awareness and education on living with diabetes, including producing a healthy eating cookbook
  • The MANual: A zine with student contributions (writing and images) about male sexuality and masculinity (a companion publication to LIPS)
  • Mom's Night Off: an evening of free child care for children in Williamsburg's Head Start program
  • Get Naked: anti-make-up campaign
  • I Wanna Be Like Britney: a video and website, including a film screening and discussion group about images of young women in the media
  • Diversifying Beauty: video and website, including a film screening, challenging the predominantly white image of female beauty in the US
  •  SEXperience: a video of students talking about their experiences of sex