William & Mary

William and Mary Female Beauty Campaign Photo Exhibit

We organized a photo exhibit featuring some of the College's high-achieving young women, the William & Mary FemElizabeth Harrigan '11ale Beauty Campaign challenges onlookers to reevaluate the media perpetuated concept of female beauty as being solely image-based, and to appreciate the models on display for their personal successes and accomplishments. Alongside each photograph will be a quote selected from the participant interviews. These sound bites reflect on the participants' experiences as women, and are meant to deepen the scope of their roles as models and images. A detailed list of each participant's activities will also be included in the exhibit. The exhibit was displayed in the Sadler Center lobby for two weeks in April 2009.

Models included:

Elizabeth "Roo" Harrigan '11

Valerie Hopkins '09

Erin Houston '09

Yodit Kifl '09

Kate Lawlor '09

Sarah Rojas '10

Nicole Scheer-Irvine '09

Bailey Thomson '10

Jillian Walton '11