William & Mary

Sexual Consent

Consent Workshop

We hosted members of the Can I Kiss You Collective from Richmond, VA to talconsentk to an intimate group about consent. 

CD raffle

We compiled a CD of “sexy” songs submitted by members of the William and Mary community via email as advertised through fliers and Facebook. We believed that a 20-song set of some of the more unique or popular “sexy” songs from William and Mary women would help promote an understanding of how diverse members of this community are in both music and in how they define the evanescent feeling of sexiness. We raffled off 21 of these CDs at the end of the semester, because we could each produce 7 of them without violating iTunes’ Terms of Sale. We also sent out consolation notes for those who did not win with the final playlist and a brief explanation of how the CD relates to our project.


We also produced a brief humerous video on consent parodying an 80s sexual education video that you can find here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoFj5yY7V_M