William & Mary

Sexual and Reproductive Health Carnival

We did a CAPS project on the importance of sexual/reproductive health for men and women. We basically came up with an information Sexual and Reproductive Healthforum and carnival to instruct W & M students about the importance of annual/physical exams. We had games and information tables set up for students to go around, and they also filled out a quiz sheet for prizes at the end.

We had information about various birth control offered to men and women, the importance of STI testing, and the importance of annual gynecological exams and male check-ups. We had a table set up with a breast model that had various nodules for women to feel what a breast lump felt like. We also had a small model for men to feel what a testicular nodule may feel like.

Over all we wanted to stress the importance of getting regular exams and sti checks. It is vital for men and women to know and understand their bodies so they can know when something isn't right.