William & Mary

Women in the Military: Sending Tribe Pride Overseas

military1For our CAP project, we decided to send female specific care packages to female troops currently serving overseas. In the military, female soldiers face many challenges outside of the combat zone. One of these challenges is female hygiene. Store on bases frequently do not stock female hygiene products. Often times, female soldiers are forced to use male hygiene products or go without. To alleviate this challenge, our group created female specific care packages to send overseas. After researching and asking female soldiers what they would most like to receive in a care package, we started fundraising, collecting donations, and asking the Hall Councils to help offset the cost of shipping the care packages and buying the supplies.                                      military2                         

In the end, we sent five care packages on April 28 to twenty-five female soldiers currently serving in Afghanistan. The care packages were comprised of various items including: pads, tampons, female razors, female deodorant, lotion, soap, bath sponges, toothbrushes, tooth paste, baby wipes, lip balm, tissues, and hair ties. We also included other items such as non-perishable snacks, magazines, and thank you cards signed by the William and Mary community. We hope that the care packages will alleviate some of the challenges female soldiers face.