Community Action Projects Gallery

Uniquely Beautiful

Our CAP addressed one of the largest body image and self-image issues we identified on campus: the tendency for college students (especially women) to connect over the negative instead of the positive.

Behind Closed Doors

Our CAP addressed campus hook-up culture, the casual sexual interactions between individuals in college, through the implementation of a forum on campus hook-up culture.

britney thumb
I Wanna be Like Britney: A Feminist Study of Pop Culture

Our group is interested in the effect popular culture has had on our generation. In particular, we are interested in how the desire and the expectation to "Be Like Britney" have shaped how we see ourselves and others.

Sexual Consent

We hosted members of the Can I Kiss You Collective from Richmond, VA to talk to an intimate group about consent.

Project PEAL (Practical Eating and Living)

For our CAP Project we compiled a book on healthy living to give as a gift of appreciation to staff that work at the College.

Diversifying Beauty

Our project is about exposing the western stereotype of the “ideal woman” by exploring the facets of beauty in other countries and examining how their national media outlets are impacted by Western cultural imperialism.

Independent Feminist Fund

For our community action project, we started the IF Fund (Independent Feminist Fund). IF is a fund for women's, LGBT and feminist-friendly groups on campus.

Mom's Night Off

We worked with the Williamsburg Head Start to host a Mom's Night Off event.

Women's Backpacking Trip

We spent 3 days and 2 nights with a group of 11 girls in the Blue Ridge Mountains, and it was a blast!

All-Women's Free-Weight Lifting Class

The class, led by certified personal trainer Marilyn Auza, emphasized the proper strategies and work-outs that women can perform with the free-weight equipment to best benefit their bodies.

Marriage Equality Rally

We held a symbolic, mass wedding ceremony at which any couple, no matter their genders, could get married.