William & Mary

I Wanna be Like Britney: A Feminist Study of Pop Culture

BritneyThe title of our Community Action Project describes our interest in the effect popular culture has had on our generation. In particular, we are interested in how the desire and the expectations to, in fact, “Be Like Britney,” have shaped how we see ourselves and others. We chose to use Britney Spears in our title as she was a particularly prominent figure in our generation’s childhood and for many, was our first exposure to popular media. She makes an interesting case study, as we can track the rise and eventual demise and rise again of her career and thus her influence. Our aim, to study popular culture’s effects on our generation, especially our generation’s sexuality, is stated in our title in a way that is provocative and attention-getting. We made a video and hosted a screening/discussion group.

I Wanna be Like Britney is now an official W&M campus organization!

Next year we plan on:

  • Hosting bi-weekly discussion groups open to the W&M community
  • Putting together at least one large event for the entire campus each semester
  • Serving as a liaison between feminist organizations to foster discussion and understanding of the media as a Master’s Tool

Look for us at next year’s student activities fair.

Visit us and watch our video at http://iwannabelikebritney.wikispaces.com