Program Organization

GSWS Committees

If you are interested in serving as a contributing member to any of the following committees, please contact the GSWS Program, 221-2457, for more information.

Executive Committee

The GSWS Executive Committee is an appointed, standing committee whose membership is multidisciplinary, reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of the Program and serving as a liaison with all academic departments. It is composed of the Director of GSWS, all faculty members with appointments in GSWS, four additional faculty members in Arts and Sciences, ex-Directors of the program, one graduate member, and one undergraduate member.

The Committee is responsible for oversight of the Program, including regular review of the curriculum, faculty expertise, program activities, and advising. The Committee meets at least once a month to review, recommend and carry out Program activities, identify Program needs, and advise the Director on courses of action to meet those needs. The GSWS Personnel Committee, Curriculum Committee, and Outreach Committee report to the Executive Committee.

Members 2012-13: Gul Ozyegin (ex officio; GSWS/Sociology; Director; Chair); Lizabeth Allison (Biology; invited member, Area III, 2011-14); Angela Banks (Law School; at-large, 2012-15); Victoria Castillo (GSWS; core); Pamela Eddy (School of Education; at-large, 2012-13);  Nicolette Gable (American Studies; graduate student, 2012-15 or until graduation); Nancy Gray (GSWS/English; core); Leisa Meyer (AMST/History; invited member Area II; ex-Director, 2011-14; core); Jennifer Putzi (GSWS/English; core); Suzanne Raitt (English; invited member Area I; ex-Director, 2011-14; core); Charlotte Tregelles (GSWS; undergraduate, 2011 until graduation)

Curriculum Committee

The GSWS Curriculum Committee is composed of both faculty and student members. Its functions are both advisory and decision-making in the areas of major and minor requirements, the cross-listing of courses, and course and program development.

Members 2012-13: Nancy Gray (GSWS/English; Chair); Arielle Pak (undergraduate; GSWS major); Kara Thompson (English/American Studies)

Outreach Committee

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to enhance the visibility of the GSWS Program on and off campus. We seek to accomplish this by, among other things, widely publicizing our course offerings, introducing students to the GSWS faculty, organizing a brown bag series for faculty and students, communicating with alumni, and inviting alumni to participate in the GSWS Program in an advisory capacity.

Members 2012-13: Gul Ozyegin (GSWS/Sociology; Director; ex-officio); Suzanne Raitt (English)

Personnel Committee

The GSWS Personnel Committee is advisory to the Program Director on all matters of procedure or policy not explicitly covered by other committees.  The PC forwards annual merit evaluations to the director in a manner consistent with the College's, the A&S's, and the Program's Joint Appointment Policies, and with the faculty member's Joint Appointment Memo of Understanding (JAMOU). The tenured members of the Personnel Committee will make recommendations for retention, promotion, and tenure and conduct post-tenure reviews.

Members 2012-13: Leisa Meyer (History/American Studies); Gul Ozyegin (GSWS/Sociology; Director; ex-officio); Jennifer Putzi (GSWS/English)

Prizes Committee

The GSWS Personnel Committee sends nominations to the Executive Committee for the Dean's Prize for Student Research on Women, the Carol Woody Spring Break Internship awards, and the Friends' Prize for Student Activism.

Members 2012-13: Anita Angelone (Italian Studies); Jennifer Bickham Mendez (Sociology/Latin American Studies); Jennifer Putzi (GSWS/English)

Library Liaison

Jennifer Putzi (GSWS/English)

Web Manager

Suzanne Raitt (English)