William and Mary

Funding Sources

There are many research grants--large and small--available to graduate students. Ask your departmental advisor to suggest grant opportunities in your specific field. Your program may also have funding for student research expenses. In addition, the following offices on campus can help you in your search for research funding. The Office of Graduate Studies and Research invites applications for Arts & Sciences Graduate Student Research Grants [maximum $300]. Arts & Sciences supplemental conference funding is available [maximum $200] through the A&S Graduate Student Association. William and Mary Student Research Grants [maximum $300] are administered by the Charles Center. The Charles Center also oversees students' applications for various national fellowships, some of which are open to graduate students, such as the Fulbright Fellowship, Luce, and Mellon fellowships programs.The Office of Grants and Research Administration maintains a list of additional funding opportunities for students.

W&M Scholarship Central is a new scholarship site for students. Graduate students interested in scholarship information – both prestigious external scholarships and W&M research awards – should start their search at this portal. The site describes the application process and links students to appropriate supporting information and resources. Under the top heading of "W&M Scholarship Central", click the link for "Subscribe to the Alumni & Grad Student Scholarship listserv" to receive announcements by e-mail.