William and Mary

Poster Guidelines

1)  Where can I print my poster?

Check with your academic department and colleagues about where they print posters or use one of these options.

2)  When will I hang my poster?

Graduate Research Symposium (GRS) volunteers will assist in hanging the posters.  We ask that presenters bring their posters to the Registration Table anytime before 10:30 am on the day they are to present.  The posters may remain on display until the end of the day when you will remove your poster.  Posters that are not removed by the end of the last session of the day will be discarded.

3)  When will I give my poster presentation?

The poster sessions will take place in the second floor lobby of the Sadler Center.  Please plan to stand near your poster for approximately an hour and explain your research to attendees of the GRS.

4)  What are the size limitations for my poster?

A space size of 4 feet by 4 feet will be available for you to present your poster.  The poster will hang on display boards using special clips that will not damage the poster (we will provide these).  We will NOT allow individual 8.5 inch by 11 inch sheets of paper to be presented as a "poster."

5)  How large should the text for the poster be?

The poster should be easily readable from a distance of 6 feet.

6)  Last tip?

Meet with your advisor or colleagues to discuss your poster design.  A second opinion always helps.

Also, checkout Creating Effective Poster Presentations.

7)  Any other questions?

Just send an e-mail to GRS chairs.