William and Mary

6th Annual GRS W&M Student Award Winners

Award for Excellence in Scholarship in the Humanities and Social Sciences - $500
Jenna Simpson, American Studies.  Advisor: Dr. Arthur Knight
Screening the Revolution: Williamsburg: The Story of a Patriot as Historic Artifact, History Film, & Hegemonic Struggle

Honorable Mention - $100
Shereen Singer, Psychology.  Advisor: Dr. Mark Leary
Sociometer Theory Expanded: Interpersonal Aspirations and the Specificity of Multiple Sociometers

Honorable Mention - $100
John Terrizzi, Jr., Psychology.  Advisor: Dr. Larry Ventis
The Moral Emotion of Disgust as a Predictor of Prejudicial Attitudes Toward Homosexuals

William & Mary Award for Excellence in the Natural and Computational Sciences - $500
Andriy Fedorov, Computer Science.  Advisor: Dr. Nikos Chrisochoides
Near-Real-Time Nonrigid Registration for Image Guided Neurosurgery Using Commodity and Grid Computing

Honorable Mention
- $100
Alex Gunerson, Biology.  Advisor: Dr. John Swaddle
Resistance of Melanized Feathers to Bacterial Degradation: Is it Really so Black and White?

Honorable Mention - $100
Caitlin Kight, Applied Science.  Advisor: Dr. John Swaddle
Does Historical Exposure to Humans Affect Current Responses to Anthropogenic Disturbance?  A Multispecies Comparison

Honorable Mention - $100
Elise Larsen, Biology.  Advisor: Dr. Bryan Watts
Do Birds Like McDonalds?  How Diet Affects Bird Diversity in the City