William and Mary

7th Annual GRS Visiting Student Award Winners


Visiting Scholars Award for Excellence in the Humanities and Social Sciences - $500
Amanda Stuckey, American Studies, University of Virginia.  Advisor: Dr. Anna Brickhouse
Blending Texts, Blending Bodies: The American Mulatto in William Wells Brown's Clotel

Honorable Mention - $100
Jongmook Choe, Statistics, George Washington University.  Advisor: Dr. Reza Modarres
Income Inequality and Crime in the United States

Visiting Scholars Award for Excellence in the Natural and Computational Sciences - $500
Richard S. Groover, Environment Science & Policy, George Mason University.  Advisor: Dr. R. Christian Jones
Temporal and Spatial Aspects of the Colonization and Re-colonization in Lentic Habitats

Honorable Mention
- $100
Mark Shepherd, Anatomy & Neurobiology, Virginia Commonwealth University.  Advisor: Dr. Jeffery Dupree
Nodes of Ranvier Undergo Molecular Reorganization with Age