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5 - 6 Page Paper Awards

All Arts & Sciences graduate students from The College of William & Mary and visiting institutions, whose abstracts are accepted for presentation in the Thirteenth Annual Graduate Research Symposium, are eligible to submit a  5 - 6 page paper for award consideration in their respective categories.   Deadline for Award Paper Submissions:  11:59 pm EST on January 3, 2014.  You are required to E-mail your submission as an attachment to this address: In your e-mail subject, you must include the following information: Which award field you intend to compete in:  GRS – Award Paper Submission –Humanities & Social Sciences or GRS –Award Paper Submission – Natural & Computational Sciences.  Please review the award guidelines below for complete details.

Please note that paper submissions must be primarily the work of the graduate student who is submitting the paper, and the submitter has the responsibility to obtain permission from co-authors prior to submission.  Also, all graduate students are reminded that the College of William & Mary's Honor Code prohibits them from submitting the same paper twice for award consideration.  However, work that is created as a result of the original submission or builds upon its theory, method, etc. may be re-submitted.  This usually means that the original work has had a period of at least a year for substantial alteration and development so that it reflects on-going scholarship.

Monetary awards will be presented at the Awards Luncheon at the Graduate Research Symposium to selected participants who submit a 5 - 6 page paper by the deadline.

Any questions regarding these awards should be addressed to the GRS Humanities chair Sarah Mattes.


Visting Student Award Guidelines

W&M Student Award Guidelines