William and Mary

A&S Ombuds Office

The A&S Graduate Ombuds Office is located in the Integrated Science Center, Room 1089.

Ombudsperson: Professor Peter Vishton, 221-3879, [[pmvish]].

Office Hours

July 1, 2014-August 26, 2014 by appointment only

Mailing Address

Dr. Peter Vishton
c/o Department of Psychology
College of William & Mary
Integrated Science Center, Room 1089
Williamsburg VA 23185

The Office of the Ombudsperson is a place where A&S Graduate students at William and Mary can turn for information and consultation.

Any student enrolled in graduate studies in A&S who seeks in good faith to raise a question, resolve a problem or talk about a concern regarding graduate studies in A&S has the right to contact and meet with the Ombudsperson during normal business hours to discuss his/her problem or concern. When necessary, the Ombudsperson will make special arrangements to meet with the person outside normal business hours.

To the extent possible, information provided by students will be kept confidential. No action will be taken without a student's explicit consent.

Students seeking to resolve conflicts will be actively involved in the process of conflict management. This might be achieved through the preparation of a plan to address specific problems or concerns.

When appropriate, mediation or conciliation is facilitated between all concerned individuals.