William and Mary

Graduate Center

The Graduate Center exists to:

  • Support and promote the culture of advanced study at William and Mary
  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaborations among students, faculty, alumni, and the surrounding community
  • Empower students to take charge of their own careers by providing them with the best up-to-date career advice
  • Provide a focal point for partnerships between William and Mary and the surrounding community

All Graduate Center programs are voluntary and open to all William and Mary graduate students.

Where are the Graduate Center offices and meeting rooms?

The Graduate Center offices are located in Stetson House, 232 Jamestown Road.

What types of programs does the Graduate Center support?

The Graduate Center offers many types of programs, including workshops and seminars, discussion groups, short courses, and off-campus fellowships:

These programs allow graduate students a chance to work on their writing and other communications skills in an interdisciplinary environment. They also provide students an opportunity to see how their specialized skills can be applied in the "real world" off campus, either in private industry, teaching, or in the community. Suggestions are always welcome regarding course offerings, workshops, visitors, or internships.

On Campus Partners

Our programs are being developed in partnership with the following William and Mary resources: