William and Mary

Conversation Partner Program - Comments

"I really enjoyed meeting with my partner and talking. Our conversations were awesome! I learned a great deal about Japan and, curiously enough, the United States."

"As a nonnative speaker [what I enjoyed most was] cultural recognition from a native speaker."

"I enjoyed learning about Chinese culture and asking questions that I've always wanted answered."

"I enjoyed learning about another culture. It was also interesting to try to explain American terms and practices I take for granted."

"I enjoyed learning about Chinese culture and meeting people I otherwise would not have met."

"[I enjoyed] meeting new people from a culture I was completely unfamiliar with."

"I really enjoyed getting to know my partner. We had a lot in common, and it was fun to talk every week. We planned to meet for one hour, but sometimes we lost track of time and stayed for two hours or more!"

"We became good friends."