Not a Government Major?

Even for those not majoring in Government, the Department has plenty to offer.

Newly-enrolled students may choose to take one of the Department's Freshman Seminars, all numbered Government 150, with 15 students in each. Each meets the COLL 150 and writing requirement. Topics range from ancient Greek thought to recent Presidential elections.

The Department offers three GOVT 200-level introductory courses in American (GOVT 201), Comparative (GOVT 203) and International (GOVT 204) Politics. These courses do not have prerequisites, and are suitable for any student who wishes to dip their toes into the ocean that is the study of Government (come on in - the water's fine!). Several Government 300-level courses do not have prerequisites, and some of them fulfill General Education Requirements:

GER 3: Social Science

  • Introduction to Comparative Politics (GOVT 203)
  • Introduction to International Politics (GOVT 204)

GER 4B: History

  • Politics of China and Japan (GOVT 336)
  • Politics of Africa (GOVT 337)
  • Politics of Latin America (GOVT 338)
  • Politics of the Middle East (GOVT 339)

GER 7: Philosophical, Social and Religious Thought

  • Survey of Political Theory (Ancient) (GOVT 303)
  • Survey of Political Theory (Modern) (GOVT 304)
  • Contemporary Political Theory (GOVT 305)

The International Relations major, the Public Policy major, and the Global Studies concentrations are interdisciplinary majors that require government courses.

There is no minor in Government.