William & Mary

Teaching, Research and International Politics Project (TRIPP)

Professors Michael Tierney and Sue Peterson have done research with a number of Government and International Relations majors on the Teaching, Research and International Politics Project (TRIP).  The project attempts to describe and explain the links between teaching, research, and policy in the field of international relations.

Over the past three years, these researchers have conducted two surveys of all International Relations scholars in the U.S. and Canada in an effort to describe and explain scholarly views on teaching, research, the International Relations discipline, and contemporary policy issues.

In addition, TRIP researchers have constructed a large journal article database that categorizes every article published in the 12 leading International Relations journals over the past 27 years.  Each article is coded for issue area, geographic region, theory, methodology, policy prescription, time period, and a number of other variables.

Undergraduate students have been involved in every stage of this research process from identifying samples, writing computer programs, writing codebooks, designing the database, administering opinion surveys, coding journal articles, analyzing statistical data, presenting research at professional conferences, and publishing the results in journals such as Foreign Policy, Politics and Gender, and International Journal. Here are some recent samples:

Many of the students who were involved in this project at William and Mary have gone on to study at top graduate programs in Political Science.  William and Mary students who have contributed to the TRIP project include: James Long, Jen Keister, Doug McNamara, Dan Maliniak, Brandon Stewart, Megan Smith, Greg Cooper, Rob Landicho, Mike Goudey, Kaity Smoot, Lauren Triner, Morgan Figa, and Isabelle Cohen.

This research has been funded with generous support from the Carnegie Corporation, the Reves Center for International Studies, the Roy R. Charles Center, and the Institute on the Theory and Practice of International Relations.

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