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The Omnibus Project


The Omnibus Project coordinates and streamlines the development of a student subject pool for faculty and student research. Both survey and experimental studies are encouraged. Project coordinators collect data for a set of common variables, such as demographic information and political covariates, which are provided to all researchers submitting proposals. Individual researchers submit their survey questions or experimental protocols, which are then programmed by the coordinators. The subject pool will be comprised of students enrolled in departmental classes; some instructors will require participation or offer extra credit to students to participate in the study.

By simplifying the administrative hurdles to collecting original data, the project will strengthen the Government Department’s undergraduate research program and will provide opportunities for Government majors to conduct independent research for honors theses, independent studies, and research projects. The Omnibus will also provide faculty with a subject pool for pilot testing survey questions or lab protocols before conducting studies with larger, more representative samples.


The William & Mary Omnibus Project is accepting proposals from Government, International Relations, and Public Policy majors and faculty who would like to add a survey or experimental module to be conducted between February and April 2014. Subjects will be drawn from participating Government classes and all surveys will be completed in the Social Networks and Political Psychology Lab (Millington 130).

 When preparing your application, you should be able to explain:

  1. A brief rationale of your study, including your research question, hypotheses, and required sample size
  2. Any input you have on the “common variables” (demographics and political covariates)
  3. The eight or fewer core questions that you need to be included for your project, as well as any additional questions you would like included if there is room in the study. Make sure to include the exact wording of questions and answer options, as well as all necessary information regarding question-ordering, randomization, and branching.

Applications will only be processed if they are submitted using the official form. Applications must be submitted by January 15, 2014.

Application Form

Common Questions

Questions? Contact Meg Schwenzfeier at wmgovtomnibus@gmail.com