William & Mary

H. Stewart Dunn Jr. Civil Liberties Project

Timothy P. Dunn and Ellen Stofan established the H. Stewart Dunn Jr. Civil Liberties Project in 2011 to inspire undergraduate and law students at William & Mary to lend their talents to protecting civil liberties afforded citizens of the United States of America by the U.S. Constitution. 

The Project funds a variety of programs across the campus of The College of William & Mary and in the community, with the goal of enhancing knowledge of civil liberties and encouraging future generations of graduates to devote their time to advancing civil liberties causes.  See the Project Website for full information.

Through a spring research colloquium, Professor Christine Nemacheck works with undergraduates conducting original research on a variety of civil liberties topics.  Funding for summer interenships is also available for students working with civil liberties organizations.  See the Charles Center Summer Scholarship webpage for more information on summer funding.