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Law School Data

Using Your UGPA and LSAT Score:

Predicting the likelihood of admission to Law School

Boston College's Law School Locator:

Use your GPA and LSAT Score to find law schools where your scores put you in the 25th to 75th percentile of incoming students.

NAPLA Law School Locator 2012-2013:

The NAPLA Law School Locator is an extension of the Rochester Locator developed by Professor Arthur S. Goldberg.  Its purpose is to help applicants quickly assess the LSAT and GPA expectations of different law schools and identify schools from across the country that they may wish to research further as they choose the schools to which they will apply.

Data on Repeating the LSAT:

Data from LSAC concerning scores among those repeating the LSAT.  This might be helpful if you are trying to decide whether to retake the exam.

The Law School Book of Lists:

This is an extensive directory of law school academic programs, areas of emphasis without graduate degrees, joint degree programs, schools that award non-need-based scholarships, schools with evening divisions, study abroad programs, and much other useful information.

Law School Decision Dates Information:
This data provides information on when in the application cycle various law schools admit and decline applicants.  The data is compiled throughpublicly available information and posted on the website Top-Law-Schools.com.

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