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Government Professors on Video

Homecoming 2010: Political Panel Discussion
Among the many academic symposium sessions held during Homecoming weekend was the Political Panel Discussion, which featured W&M professors Clay Clemens ’80, Christopher D. Howard, Ron Rapoport and John McGlennon.

Professor Clay Clemens
Is debating governmental policy supposed to be hilarious? It is when you involve W&M Professor Clay Clemens '80. This is a compilation of his best zingers from the academic symposium session held on October 22, 2010. 

Professor Larry Evans
Larry Evans, the Newton Family Professor of Government, explains why political campaign commercials are effective.

Professor George Grayson
George W. Grayson, the Class of 1938 Professor of Government, discusses Mexico, narco-violence and the United States.

Professor Paul Manna

Paul Manna, associate professor of government, talks about his recent book, Collision Course: Federal Education Policy Meets State and Local Realities.

Professor Rani Mullen
Assistant Professor of Government Rani Mullen served as an international observer for the August election. She spoke with the William & Mary News about what she saw on the ground, the prospects for a re-vote and what is at stake for the fledgling democracy.

Professor Ron Rapoport
Ron Rapoport, the John Marshall professor of Government, discusses the 'tea party' movement's hopes for success.